Olympus Academy 90210

Issue # 4: The Party Crashers -Pt 2

The Party
Arriving at the Marks home, Bjorn and Jack could immediately see the party in full swing. Cars were parked all down the street and squeals of laughter and splashes could be heard –as well as loud music –from the back yard.
• Think Can’t Hardly Wait or Project X as a theme

The following was read aloud:
The first thing you notice is all the cars as you pull into the neighbourhood. They are lined up around the block and as you pass by you see droves of people making their way towards the address of the Marks twins. Most of these people are carrying bottles, cases of beer or coolers and ALL of them seem to be brought forth from some teen-hormone-based movie where no one is anything but exceptionally attractive.

The bass starts in your feet and travels its way up into your legs and from there into your gut and chest until you literally feel compelled to start moving in time with it. It throbs and pulses in a way that makes you want to lay down some serious moves or break something.

As you turn onto the walkway that heads towards the party’s entrance you pass teens outside on the front lawn hanging out, talking and laughing and in varying stages of intoxicated behaviour. No one is too roaring yet, but it’s very clear that the party has fully started.

• Some people –mostly girls –were dancing to the music while many others crowded around and the sound of their conversations seemed to blend into white noise
• The smell of pot was in the air and they ccoukd see a group of teens blowing smoke into a little dogs face and getting it stoned
• 2 kids had a video camera and seemed to be making a documentary and even interviewing people

Inside the big house there were teens everywhere. Crowding the front hall, in the dining and living rooms, the stairway and kitchen and all had alcohol. Music pumped from several rooms and there were more than a few students making out in various stages throughout. Jack and Bjorn as Football superstars were immediately set upon by the crowd and welcomed –finding themselves with beers in hand in no time at all.
Some of the Party Antics: (Liberated from Project X)
• Backyard Keg stands with Brad Beaman
• Skateboarding on the rails and into the pool
• The Dancing and DJ Station –featuring DJ Shockz –an up-and-comer from the OP
• Hot-boxing the garage with Tommy Ortwine
• Various make-out rooms
• Boat races and drinking games
• Stupid human tricks and strength feats
• Zip-lining into a pool filled with naked people
• Fog machines and lasers, standing speakers
• A midget in the oven

The Marks twins were needless to say happy to see Jack and Bjorn, as they naturally gravitated towards anyone who is popular –especially Bjorn who’s a “hunk”. The teens soon found themselves escorted to seperate rooms in the upstairs, Tammy with Bjorn and Lyndesay with Jack. It was going to happen! Jack was finally going to cash in the V card!

And that’s when things took a turn for the worse…

The Party Crashers
At around 1am as the Party really kicked into high gear and the antics became even more extreme, the power to the house and surrounding block cut out. It drowned out the shouts and music in deafening silence before people began to boo and look to see what could be done.

Spot lights illuminated the backyard in blinding light and suddenly there were Men in masks pushing everyone into the house –at first a few people thought it was all part of the “show” until one of the Men smashed Brad Beaman in the face with the butt of a produced gun.

That’s when Titanus heard the commotion outside and things became crazy. As the power went out, Jack wised up too and told Lyndesay to head to the bathroom and hide in the tub. When asked what he would do, he simply said: “A Man’s gotta do, what a Man’s gotta do.”

The men holding the guns were all decked out in grey and black paramilitary style garb, with combat harnesses and boots, and wearing modified flak jackets of some type. They seemed to communicate via walkie-talkies and all had either strange-looking pistols or rifles. Each had a black mask and a crimson circle with a stylized black eagle emblazoned in black on their chest.

Titanus and Speed Demon made their way from their respective rooms to the roof where they confronted the villains and all hell broke loose. Speed Deon used his powers to disarm and render incapacitated four of the agents in the back yard, while Titanus took out the leader’s bodyguard and then the leader himself by throwing him 200 feet into the air and then catching him within an inch of going splat.

That’s when the criminals outside the home’s front threatened to torch the house and all the kids if the heroes didn’t surrender. Speed Demon made his way into the home towards the front lobby where he saw several armed men coming inside and begin searching through the kids. Titanus followed and they could see that on the street three armoured vehicles were on the road with villains piling outside and pointing their weapons at the party-goers and police that had shown up.
On the front lawn six more armed men and one in seven-foot tall power armour were covering the crowded entrance. The power armour had twin flame throwers aimed and was using a loud speaker to give orders. “Surrender and let us go about our business or we torch everything.”

To Further Complicate Matters
The party kept growing thanks to social media. Twitter and facebook were abuzz and the people just kept coming. This is something the villains never planned for and while they are normally not above using force, they became quickly agitated as the street party erupted around their hostage situation.

Speed Demon began to negotiate and soon an agreement was struck. The party goers would be allowed to leave the area if Titanus and Speed Demon agreed to leave the area. One more thing was demanded. The Marks twins had to stay inside the house until the villains were finished.

It was becoming clear to the teen heroes that the bad guys were there not for them, but for something else altogether.

Titanus and Speed Demon went out front to watch the safe release of the civilians –in the meantime, Speed Demon had managed to get in touch with the lead police officer in charge of the situation via his comm Unit. Lieutenant Karen King -a known contact of Speed Demon -spoke with the hero and they agreed that once the people were out safely, he and Titanus would finish things –so long as they were confident that they could handle it with no casualties.

Titanus caused a distraction by throwing a nearby car at the power armoured man, who turned the car into a fireball in his panic to avoid it. This allowed Speed Demon to race inside and using moves out of a Jackie Chan movie set to fast-forward, take out the three agents who were busy walking the Marks twins down the stairs as hostages. At the same time, Speed Demon placed a distress call out on the team’s comm Channel to anyone who was available for backup.

As the speedster was clobbering the goons indoors, Titanus leapt unto the torso of the power armour agent and peeled him open like a sardine can. He then flipped him over and used him as s human shield to block the energy blasts from the criminal’s weapons.

As he did so, he heard over the comm. Unit, “Nevermore here.” And suddenly two of the armed men on the shadowed side of one of the armoured vehicles disappeared and after a few meaty thwaks, Nevermore merged from the shadows having used his magic to teleport to the area of immediate danger.

In moments the villains were disarmed and subdued or fleeing the cops and the civilians were saved. Speed Demon quickly changed and as Jack once again, made sure that the Marks twins saw him “punching out” one of the agents.

As the onlookers caught everything on film –posting immediately to YouTube and Twitter –Titanus came back from stopping one of the fleeing armoured trucks, dragging with him and string of tied up agents.

The events ended a picture hitting the front page of the Bayside Times with Titanus standing at the side of one of the trucks with the agents at his feet, Nevermore standing imposingly on its rooftop –his Raven familiar Poe perched on his shoulder, and Jack Burton raising his hands like Rocky and jumping up and down beside them as if he were part of the team.

The heroes found out later that the agents were from a criminal organization calling itself the Praetorian Guard and were intent upon stealing plans for a new and advanced prototype exo-skeleton designed by Mr. Marks. The criminals wanted to take and modify these plans for their own evil purposes and had already trashed Marks’ office at Bayside University before heading to his home. They were unprepared for a party, but quickly adapted.

They wanted the twins because they believed they would know where Marks kept his secrets or how to retrieve the password for his computer –the girls actually did know this as it was the first beloved pet Marks owned when he was a child, Mr. Wiggles. Wiggles1996 was the password, the dog’s name plus the birth-year of the twins.



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