Olympus Academy 90210

Issue # 4: The Party Crashers -Pt 1

May 31, 2013 about a month after the Tainted Meat scandal that rocked Olympus Academy. In that time, the heroes have become more widely known to the media of Freedom City as the Bayside Strikers. Unofficially their roster includes: The Green Ghost, TKO, Speed Demon, Titanus and Nevermore II.

OP Announcements:
“Good morning Olympus Academy. Would you please stand for the singing of our national anthem and remain standing for the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. Or you may refrain as that is your constitutional right.
“Thank you. My name is Gary Hillman. Today is Friday, August 16th2013 and here are your daily announcements:

• Tonight, your own Olympus Furies take on the Mission Matadors on Olympian Field. You are all invited to attend the Pep Rally immediately following last period at the gymnasium. Go Furies Go!
• Vice Principal Mortison would like to welcome Mr. Townsend to Olympus Academy. Mr. Townsend has been appointed the school’s new Principal and he said any student is welcome to come visit the office and get to know him

Since joining the Olympus Furies Jack and Bjorn had become star players and the backbone of this year’s Championship-bound team. It wasn’t easy despite what people may think. Hiding your super-powers while trying to play sports is actually really hard, a lesson the two boys had begun to learn well.

In the first week, Bjorn broke a players arm when he picked him bodily up with ease and unceremoniously dumped him. The fact that it was the opposing team’s centre caused quite the scandal and spurred accusations of “steroids” and even some rumours about what really was in the meat during the whole “Soylent Green” episode captured in the news.

For Jack, the games became boring as he had to slow himself down so much that he actually had to start missing a few balls or allowing himself to be tackled to keep his secret. The two boys would have quite altogether if it hadn’t been for two things: 1, that Nate kept saying this was a perfect opportunity to learn how to blend in –besides no one would ever believe that people with super powers could practice such restraint, and 2, that chicks –particularly cheerleaders like the Marks twins really do dig sports gods.

Following football practice that day Jack and Nate were asked if they intended to go to Saturday’s party at the Marks twins’ home in north Kingston. “Everybody” will be there –at least everybody who’s a somebody at the OP.
The twins live in a large upper-middle class home with a pool in an upscale neighbourhood. Their father, Gregor Marks is a cybernetics and advanced robotics engineer at the Hanover Institute of Technology. He’s involved in some pretty serious and cutting-edge research and projects and is a contemporary of Sullivan Barnes -the World’s Smartest Man.

Having never before been invited to a party with the “In Crowd”, Jack was pretty stoked. Bjorn understood the concept and also the need to fit in among the humans and was quite willing to go along with anything Jack suggested.

• They quickly decided that they had nothing really to wear

The best place to shop for just the right outfits is Hanover Square, not that far of a drive for the teens. In no time at all they found themselves in the Square and shopping among all the college kids of nearby Bayside College. Jack couldn’t keep his head from turning every time some hawt college girl walked by.

It was as they were leaving the Square that they were almost hit by a car that had crossed over into on-coming traffic and was weaving erratically. People screamed and had to dodge out of the way. The car was immediately followed by a black SUV that also behaved in a dangerous fashion and scant seconds later three police cruisers flew by.

As the black ford swerved onto the sidewalk and came speeding toward the heroes Titanus and Speed Demon saw an African American guy with a bandana, sunglasses and a gold tooth at the wheel and several others in the car with him. Speed Demon went into a blur and avoided the car, taking a look into it to see a guy riding shotgun with two others in the back. He also noticed that a black SUV was following the ford and had another African-American guy driving who also had his hand out the window with a pistol. Police cars were chasing at a distance.

Just moments later they heard the Pop Pop Pop of what could only be gunfire echo down the street.

Gang Rivalry
Two rival gangs, the Tyson 4-Oh and Kingston Bloods had decided to have a running gunfight when members of the Bloods stepped out of their neighbourhood to do a drive-by on a home where the 4-Oh usually hang out. Three people were gunned down, including one child –the daughter of Jon “Rotty” Williams.

Jack and Bjorn quickly decided that this was a job for the Bayside Strikers.

Titanus leapt up and over the car’s hood as it passed the space where he was and, coming down on the car’s roof, held on, his hands making large furrows in the metal.

As the car swerved back into oncoming traffic, Titanus reached down with one hand, shoving it through the windshield and started pulling back, crumpling the roof like a can opener and making an impromptu sun roof. The ganger riding shotgun unloaded on him with a machine pistol that simple made the hero grunt and respond by punching the thug out –being careful to restrain his strength.

As Titanus was preparing to reach in and grab the steering wheel, he was catapulted off the car and into the road by a lamp post used as a weapon. Coming around and picking himself up, he saw a huge man with a hammer on his back striding down the centre median towards him. Recognizing the hammer, Titanus started forward as well and the two tanks met with a crash.

The Following was read aloud:
The sound the lamp post makes when it cracks your skull is a resounding crash as if someone smashed two cast iron pots together around your ears. You see flashes of light and feel yourself picked up off your feet and sent hurtling through the air as if it were in slow motion.

Speed Demon in the meantime, dropped back and made his way, frogger-style, to the closest police cruiser and got them to roll down their window. He identified himself and asked the police to point out the nearest area up ahead where the traffic would naturally taper off and civilians be less likely. He then got them to pop the trunk and he withdrew a line of spike strips before he blurred off after the gangers.

Titanus intended to use Hammer’s leap and own momentum against him, but the villain was ready for the teen hero this time and instead struck him off his feet. They clashed again and Titanus grabbed a hold of the hammer –assuming that somehow this item contributed to or gave Hammer his powers. They wrestled for seconds until the hammer started coming loose and in desperation, the villain head-butted Titanus in the face, breaking his nose and sending him staggering back. This was followed by several blows with the hammer until Titanus found himself sailing through the air and carving a muddy furrow in the grass off to the side of the road.

Speed Demon was headed down the road at an incredible speed when he passed Titanus as he rolled along the road’s centre and then saw some huge guy making his way towards the downed hero, but knowing civilians were in danger, he correctly chose to keep going after the cars.

Speed Demon blew past the SUV and black ford, heading towards the Bayside Zoo along the street. Once there he could see that in the distance the police had already closed off and road blocked the street. He laid the spike strip down in the car’s path.

Triggering the spike strip sent the black ford careening out of control and crashing through the fence outside the zoo’s edge and into and through a barrier wall where it came to rest perched precariously on the edge of tipping into the animal enclosure altogether. He then used the same strip of spikes to stop the SUV seconds later, relying on his lightning speed to give him the time he needed.

The SUV managed to pull safely over to the right shoulder of the road and its occupants wisely chose to make a run for it rather than continue their pursuit of the gangers in the black ford.

Turning his attention to the ford and its passengers Speed Demon found the two men in the back seat unconscious as well as the guy riding shotgun who was still out cold and hanging half in, half out of the car with only his seatbelt saving him.

The driver of the ford was lying face down and only semi-conscious amid a horde of scared and angry baboons. Speed Demon quickly got the man out of immediate danger and to ensure the animals didn’t try to escape began driving them back to their homes by throwing debris at them with great accuracy.

This done, Speed Demon zoomed off to help Titanus who was not in good shape. Clearly Hammer was ready for him this time and wanted to make an example of him. Interposing himself between Hammer and Titanus, Speed Demon trusted in his speed bubble force field to absorb most of the damage from the maul –which it did thankfully.

Titanus summoned some extra will from deep within and managed to wrest the maul away from the villain. When he did so, the weapon began to glow and greenish runes flared –filling the teen with extra vitality and power.

He slammed Hammer with his own weapon and sent him a few dozen metres across the grass and then broke the magic hammer in two, not wanting to take any chances. The weapon must have been bound to him for as it broke, so too did Hammer scream with pain and fall unconscious.

The two teen heroes kept the villain prisoner until the police arrived –using the opportunity for Speed Demon to give an exclusive interview with Maxine Tidwell of Action News 4.



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