Olympus Academy 90210

Issue # 3: Un-Principaled Pt 4

The next day opens with the morning announcements…

“Thank you. My name is Candace Sparks. Today is Thursday, May 16th 2013 and here are your morning announcements:

• Grief counsellor Hanniman would like all staff and students to know that her door is always open.
• Today is the last day to purchase Sadie Hawkins Dance tickets at the reduced price of $10. Visit the Student Store to get your tickets today and support the GSSA and the YFC.
• Ms. Webnacher would like everyone to know that today’s special is Salisbury Steak with real meat gravy, mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables.

It was a sombre day, grey and rainy and few students seemed at all interested in their classes. The Twittersphere of course weighed in on the recent and ongoing tragedy:

>>>Jenny_Hawtne55: I has a sad
>>>Brad_Beaman1995: I can’t believe we have 2 b here 2day. We should be off for grief or whatever.
>>>Jackee_Webber: I bet our new Principal is mixed up in his death.
>>>David_Brenner’(O_o)’: @Jackee_Webber this. Why else would she be absent again today? The cops are shining a light in her face.
>>>Felicity_Bitchity_1u1z: Brad I need a hug 
>>>Hanna_teh_Banana: Cheer up guys! Dance tomorrow!
>>>David_Brenner’(O_o)’: @Hanna_teh_Banana #vapid # cunt

Throughout the day nothing out of the ordinary seemed to happen and life went on much as it always had. This of course was aggravating for the heroes who wanted nothing more than to round up the other Wendigo and get them cured as soon as they could.

Ms. Rain was nowhere to be seen, but the heroes were sure that she wouldn’t just up and leave without a fight. After all, she’d certainly gone through a heck of a lot of effort to make the entire student body at Olympus Academy her own personal herd.

Troy and Jack used their abilities to scope out the students and staff of the OP to locate the other Wendigo and thankfully only found Mr. Norton and Ms. Webnacher to be under the influence of the curse.

To stop the students from eating any of the tainted meat, Speed Demon raced to a local barber shop, gathered up handfuls of hair and in a flash liberally distributed them throughout all the food in the school cafeteria, forcing it to be shut down –much to the frustration of Webnacher.

Nate filmed everything and Jack later took samples of the tainted meat to Lieutenant King so the police could look into the matter further.

With disaster averted for yet another day, the heroes now had to come up with a plan. If Rain was to feed this week on any of the students, she’d surely need to soon. With her away from Olympus Academy and in hiding they had to assume that hopefully she didn’t have another food source. Nevermore guessed that if anything was going to go down, it would be at the dance and for the heroes to be there ready they had to stake it out. That meant grabbing dates for the heroes if they really wanted to be courtside for the action.

The rest of the day was spent madly seeking dates for the dance –after all, at a Sadie Hawkins dance, the ladies have to ask a date out.

Friday began just like any other day. The National anthem, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and the morning announcements.

“Thank you. My name is Brad Beaman. Today is Friday, May 17th 2013 and here are the morning announcements:

• It’s Friday!!!!
• Dance tonight. If you haven’t bought your tickets already, you’re dumb and deserve to pay full price. Girls ask a guy. That’s the rules. Felicity, don’t bother asking me. I’m already going with Jenny.
• Counsellor Hanniman says come talk to her if you’re feeling sad.
• Today’s special is Italian Sausage on a bun with French fries and gravy. Awesome!
• Olympus Academy Furies rule!!!!

On the Twittersphere:

>>>Jenny_Hawtne55: Sorry @Felicity_Bitchity_1u1z. That wasn’t my idea. Still friends?
>>>Felicity_Bitchity_1u1z: Jenny_Hawtne55 #Bitch #cunt #slut
>>>Brad_Beaman1995: Ladies please. There enough of me to go around #threeway
>>>David_Brenner’(O_o)’: Thanks @Brad-Beaman1995. I wasn’t going to go, but now I havta see how this turns out.
>>>Jackee_Webber: Gat a date yet @David_Brenner’(O_o)’? Wanna be mine?

Date Night…

Dates secured, Nevermore posted Poe outside the school to scout the area and the teens headed to the OP in a limo provided by the Harken Estate. When they arrived it was to a packed gymnasium decorated for the occasion and in typical high school fashion people immediately separated into their cliques. Jack was in his element, using his abilities to dance like a pro and having to be constantly reminded that they were there on a mission and not to have fun.
About an hour into the dance the power suddenly went out. The heroes immediately sensed that something was about to happen. After some coarse shouts about the school budget and how this is “lame” Mr. Mifflan announced that unfortunately the dance was over and everyone needed to go home as a transformer had blown power out to the building. He asked that the students leave in an orderly fashion.

As the students shuffled outside Nevermore withdrew to the shadows and quickly donned his gear. Speed Demon escorted the ladies back to the limo and then sent it on its way –then changed into his costume. Having worn his own suit under his regular clothes, it was a simple matter for TKO to change. Nate and Deanna meanwhile stationed themselves in different areas to ensure that no student was attacked as they tried to leave the building. The heroes guessed that if the Wendigo or Rain chose to strike, then it would be by separating a student or two from the herd.

Just as the final student was about to leave, escorted by Mr. Norton, the heroes saw him transform into his bestial shape and snatch up Hanna Banana (They later found out her real last name was Banning). As the terrified girl screamed, the Wendigo Norton raced towards the back hallways of the school –mostly likely to hand her over to Rain’s waiting hunger.

The teen heroes sprang into action! Dog Girl transformed herself into a large mastiff and raced after Norton, while Speed Demon tried to tackle him, only to be slashed by the fearsome claws, just missing being completely eviscerated. Teleporting in front of the fleeing Wendigo, Nevermore attempted to intimidate him but was swept aside by the onrushing beast.

That’s when things got even more dangerous. Ms. Webnacher joined the fray and TKO and the Green Ghost had their hands full containing her until Nate was able to slip inside her in his ghost form and possess her –shoving her willpower out and taking control of her body.

As Norton raced away, Nevermore cast the Sigil of the Lit Path on him, creating a traceable wizard’s mark on him so that his familiar would be able to follow him back to Rain. If Norton was able to escape the heroes would at least be able to find him again.

The battle in the school hallways was fast and furious and took all the heroes combined efforts and in the end it was a shirt full of pepper liberated from the cafeteria by Speed Demon that helped take Norton down. The heroes coordinated their efforts and launched attacks upon the Wendigo until Norton was rendered unconscious.

Confronting the Black Tamanous

With Norton subdued and Webnacher possessed all the remained was to find and confront Ms. Rain. Nevermore once again called upon his magic to locate the evil spirit, tracing it back to the same location in the woods and a plan was quickly hatched. Since Speed Demon had actually eaten the tainted meat, Green Ghost would use Webnacher and travel to the clearing in the woods with him as a prisoner in his civilian identity.

TKO would transport the unconscious Norton to Harken Manor and Nevermore would meet him there to bind the Wendigo spirit in the sanctum until the curse could be ended. He would send Poe to the glade to scout and hopefully teleport in time later to help the team. Dog Girl would follow Webnacher at a discreet distance and lie in wait for the action to begin.
Once Webnacher entered the clearing, it wasn’t long before the Black Tamanous appeared in the form of Ms. Rain. She demanded the victim be given to her and when she went to feed, the team sprang into action. While Speed Demon sped away only to return with a confusing blitz of punches and kicks and maximum speed, the Green Ghost attacked Rain in Webnacher’s form –confusing the evil spirit and sending it reeling. As the battle commenced, Dog Girl sprang in and out, biting at the Black Tamanous’ legs and TKP arrived to use fallen trees as clubs.

The heroes spared no effort and when Nevermore arrived, he used his batons to deliver the final blows that rendered her incapacitated.

With the Black Tamanous defeated, they transported Ms. Rain to Harken Manor, bound her within the circle and starved her out. Nevermore used banishment spells to drive her from the mortal plane of existence and then cured Webnacher and Norton of their respective curses.

The day was saved.



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