Olympus Academy 90210

Issue # 3: Un-Principaled Pt 3

Having alerted the police to the tainted meat at the warehouse, the heroes return home, still unsure exactly what to do. With no evidence and no one of real authority to believe them, they were not really sure how to go about their investigations –after all, just having powers didn’t suddenly make them all brilliant detectives. That sort of thing only happens in the comic books.

On Wednesday that week, Titanus and Emily decide to go out for the evening and are late getting home well after curfew. Titanus saw it as hanging out with Nate’s sister, while she saw it as a date. Consequently they were both grounded by Nate’s mom and Titanus was unable to help further with the investigation into the tainted meat.

The rest of the heroes find themselves at school and anxiously thinking about what they’ll do next. Principal Rain is nowhere to be found and the Vice Principal has had to step in.

Following the opening of the day’s announcements:
“Thank you. My name is David Weiss. Today is Wednesday, May 15th and here are your morning announcements:
• Would the members of the girl’s swim team who have already picked up their uniforms please return them to the Office. The suits have been recalled due to a design error. We apologize for the inconvenience.
• A reminder about this Friday’s Sadie Hawkins dance. Tickets at the door are $12 but you can buy them at the Student Store for $10 up until the end of school Thursday. This dance is sponsored by both the Gay-Straight Student Alliance and The Young Feminists Club.
• Ms. Webnacher would like you all to know that today’s special is Sloppy Joes. She knows you kids like them extra sloppy!

On the Twittersphere:
>>>Jenny_Hawtne55: Smooth move Irv the Perv!
>>>Brad_Beaman1995: Dam! I was looking forward to seeing the new uniforms.
>>>Emily_Temps: OMG! I was so embarrassed when my mom called the Principal.
>>>Felicity_Bitchity_1u1z: Hey Brad you wanna cum 2 my hous 2 see my new swimsuit?

Rumours circulated that day that Mr. Irvine had been put on indefinite suspension over the swimsuit issue, and to add fuel to the fire it got out that he was apparently having sexual relations with a former student, starting when she was a senior at the OP!

Half way through the day, reporters began showing up in droves, congregating outside the school and trying to get students and staff to talk about the discovery of Principal Gottlieb’s car in the waters of Salvation Bay. Learning of this, the heroes approached the press and learn that some swimmers found the car under the water at one of the numerous swimming holes just off the Bay area. One of the reporters even let slip that a skeleton was found in the trunk that is thought to be Gottlieb himself!

The Heroes uncover the following:
1. Gottlieb’s car was found at 6:15am by some local divers who were out testing some new scuba gear. The trunk was ajar when they found it.
2. The car had been burned badly as if to conceal the evidence, but a crystal fishing trophy found in the glove compartment confirmed that it was Gottlieb’s vehicle.
Deciding to investigate further, the heroes set about hitting Google, local papers and Jack Burton reached out as Speed Demon to contact a cop on the BCPD he’d met during one of their previous adventures. Lieutenant King.

From the Lieutenant, Speed Demon learned that the autopsy on Gottlieb’s skeleton revealed that the flesh had literally been carved of it as if by an experienced butcher.

The heroes then decided to head down to the water where the car was found. They found that the place was crawling with police, reporters and spectators. They spent some time around the scene learning what they could and before they headed home Oliver grabbed up a beach stone –a ritual spell already forming in his mind.

After school, the heroes went to Nate’s house where Oliver used the Raven’s Grimoire to cast Muninn’s Vision –a spell that links with objects he focuses on and allows him post-cognitive visions of what they have experienced. He saw the following in his vision:

The vision works its way backwards, flickering through images as seen through the stone’s link to the beach itself. Police pulling the burned and wet wreckage from the waters of Salvation Bay. Divers freaking out in the water. The sounds of seagulls. A man emptying garden waste into the bushes. A few teens making out. The vision then picks up speed, flickering back through dozens of images until it comes to rest on Gottlieb’s car driving up the pathway towards the secluded beach. A shadowy but familiar female form gets out and goes around to the back of the car. The figure begins to mutter in a strange, guttural language laced with arcane power. Oliver recognizes it as a blending of arcane and native languages and in moments the car erupts into unnatural flames that illuminate the face of Interim Principal Rain. The woman then placed a shapely foot on the back bumper and casually pushes the car into the waters of the Bay. She clearly displays enhanced strength as no strain is apparent on her face.

Feeling fatigued after the ritual spell is cast Oliver emerged from the garage and told his friends what he saw.

Speed Demon went to Lieutenant King’s precinct and after a few tries managed to get a cop to take him seriously enough to get him in touch with the attractive officer. They talked about the case and he shared everything the heroes knew –in so doing, he let slip enough clues that revealed that the teen heroes attend the Olympus Academy. King gave up what information she had and Speed Demon learned that the police had very few leads and that Officer Frobisher was the cop in charge of the tainted meat investigation.

Nate and Troy meanwhile busily researched everything they could on legends of the Wendigo and human cannibalism. They learned of a Native American legend where an evil spirit in human form kills and eats its victims called the Black Tamanous. This creature can only eat the flesh of those who have devoured another human. It often is found to impersonate a beautiful woman or brave hunter and infiltrate a society, tricking the people into eating human flesh and thereby becoming its private herd.

Troy called a local occult shop that is said to specialize in Native American shamanism and spoke with its owner, Windspeaker. The man seemed surprised that anyone would know of the Black Tamanous and in fact he did know something of use to the heroes. The evil spirit could be defeated if it is starved of its food source for longer than a week.

That night Oliver consulted the Raven’s Grimoire, using it to create a spell that would help the heroes locate the evil spirit. In the darkness of his sanctum, Nevermore sat amongst his binding circle –a nexus of ley line energy –he called forth the eldritch magicks at his disposal and cast the Breath of Sou’haeghan –exhaling a line of freezing misty breath that began to seek outwards. The misty line traveled into the woodland area just west of Century Park.

Speed Demon and TKO followed the line of magic to its destination with Nevermore’s raven familiar, Poe flying above them to scout the way. It wasn’t long before they came across a strange sight, Mr. Irvine jogging along one of the darkened paths in a poorly chosen track suit.

Speed Demon decided to change into his civilian id, and promptly fell into Irvine’s path in order to force a confrontation of sorts. He didn’t have to wait long as Irvine let out a blood curdling howl and charged him, metamorphing into a savage bestial figure the team took to be a Wendigo.
Wendigo char c1
It took the combined efforts of Nevermore, Speed Demon and TKO –as well as a timely appearance by Dog Girl –to defeat the Wendigo. Things looked perilous at first with the beast coming at the heroes in a state of pure aggression, showcasing enhanced strength, speed and toughness along with razor-sharp claws and vicious teeth. The heroes wore him down through a fast-paced running battle through the woods, using their numbers to distract Irvine and finally subdue him.

With the Wendigo unconscious, the heroes withdrew to Harken Manor and the safety of Nevermore’s sanctum. There they continued their research after placing spells of binding on Irvine while Nevermore worked to find a cure. They discovered a small scar running from Irvine’s hairline to his backbone and Nevermore once again cast Muninn’s Vision to see what had previously transpired.

The vision revealed Irvine being infected by Ms. Rain as she confronted him over the swimsuit and sexual relations scandal that was destroying his career. He was distraught, alone and vulnerable. The perfect prey.

Using a sample of the oily residue left behind from Ms. Rain outside the school, the mystic hero was able to safely nullify the wendigo’s curse, rendering Irvine harmless and restoring him to his former self.

Armed with this knowledge, the heroes felt more confident than ever –now they could hunt and trap the others infected with the curse and safely cure them without harming them.



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