The Faculty

Principal Gottlieb
A mid-forties man with salt and pepper balding hair, a slight paunch and fondness for sweater-vests, Mr. Gottlieb has been the Principal of Olympus Preparatory Academy for nearly seven years. During that time he’s made good on his promise to bring “Caring” back to Education and has worked tirelessly with his dedicated staff to ensure they are as devoted to the cause as he is. As a result, the kids of the OP have really become attached to Mr. G.

Vice Principal Richard Mortisson
Mr. Mortisson seems to balance things out nicely as the strong and stern right-hand of Mr. Gottlieb. He believes in discipline and order -though isn’t above some fun at times -in order to give children the very best education. He’s not a mean guy, but when he’s angry or disappointed the kids know it. A tall and lean man with a narrow face and bushy eyebrows, he was once a star basketball player back in his college days and still volunteers his time to help coach the teams.

Mrs. Roberta Cole
The head secretery and register at the OP, Ms. Cole is a fantastic administrator and without her, the school might quite literally fall apart. She’s got an eye for details and doesn’t like things that don’t work out according to plan. At fifty-five she’s thin and fit and characterized by her horn-rimmed glasses.

Mr. John Norton
The Head Custodian at Olympus Academy, Mr. Norton is a man of middle years with a thick greying moustache and thicker glasses. He’s got laugh lines around his eyes and always has a joke or two waiting for the kids. He’s a hard worker and the students like him enough to usually refrain from making too much of a mess.

Ms. Gloria Webnacher
She’s a large, east-European woman with a rough voice and sharp tongue for anyone who gets out of line. She’s also the head of the cafeteria staff at the OP and as such runs the kitchens with an iron fist. She’s been the bane of more than one student who got out of line and most of the kids know to avoid her when she gets “That look” in her eye.

Mr. David Johnston
The Head of the English department, Mr. Johnston is a late thiries man with thinning hair and an easy smile. He’s got a casual way of looking at things and always seems to have the right thing to say to get the class’ attention without resorting to anything too drastic. He’s well liked and in turn seems to genuinely like teaching his students, even the ones like Brad Beaman or Tommy Ortwine who he sees as children just needing attention.

Professor Gary Donaldson
The OP’s Head of Science, Professor Donaldson is like something out of a comic book. A graduate of Harvard and MIT before he was nineteen, no one can really understand just why he’s devoted himself to teaching rather than making history. He was once the teacher of Sullivan Barnes, the world’s purported smartest man, and when asked he has always maintained that his greatest gift has been to be able to help inspire the next generation.

Mrs. Patricia Ramos
She’s not the most entertaining of teachers by a long shot, but certainly easy on the eyes as far as the boys -and even some of the girls -are concerned, which makes teaching Mathematics much more pleasant. Mrs. Ramos has been the subject of many teenage fantasies but thus far has always managed to dodge the pitfalls of teaching teens and their raging hormones.

Mr. Thomas Hemsworth
If History were a movie, then Mr. Hemsworth would be considered with the likes of Spielberg. He doesn’t teach History, he creates it each and every day for his students. It’s known that Mr. Hemsworth never gives a lecture on just what was in the textbooks, he covers material that is vital to his tests and has the lowest absenteeism rate of all the teachers at the OP -with the exception perhaps of Mrs. Ramos. Once an actor in college, Hemsworth takes on parts and tells History like a story that unfolds in his student’s heads. He’s won numerous academic awards for his oral history of both World Wars and has been featured in educational magazines around the world.

Mr. Adrian Kershaw
Who ever heard of a shop teacher missing his fingers? That’s exactly what Mr. Kershaw is though -having lost four of his own fingers in a Shop Class accident nearly twenty years before. Mr. Kershaw teaches his students safety above all else and quality is the hallmark of his class. He’s gruff and outrageous at times, but he often helps students produce truly inspired work. He seems to be a jack-of-all-trades as he can just as easily make a cabinet as he can fix a car. If it involves working with his hands, he’s got a natural talent.

Coach Mitchell Irvine
The Head of the Olympus Academy’s Physical Education Department, “Coach” is the typical jock in many respects. A big, solid bear-like man of middle years who was once a star athelete and who believes fitness and health are the most important subjects taught at the OP and that Football is God’s gift to Man. He’s a bit sexist -but not enough to get him into trouble -which is also offset by his gentlemany nature. A 100% faily man, he’s actually been a great role model for many kids who otherwise never had a father-figure.

The Faculty

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