Social Groups


To the average parent trying to decipher the odd customs of the tribe known as teenagers is often like being a anthropologist. Cliques and subcultures are always forming based on attitudes, styles of dress, and tastes in music. This is certainly no exception for the students at the OP.

They’re obsessed with something. It might be computers or computer games, comic books, anime, “Star Wars” or superheroes. It may even be a school subject or activity — there are math geeks, band geeks and drama geeks.

Sometimes geeks’ superior knowledge or devotion to something can create a wall separating them from outsiders. They may not always welcome your attempts to understand or get involved in their world.

Geeks of Olympus Academy usually aren’t fashion-conscious and may be introverted. They often do well in school, especially in subjects that grab them, such as science, art or writing. In recent years “Geek” culture has rown in popularity and somehow against the odds, many of the Geeks of the OP are now counted among the popular crowd.

Their “type” has been around forever, and you can spot them by their T-shirts, school colours and running shoes. They’re the teens who live for athletics.

Whether it’s playing Basketball or Track and Field, the jocks of Olympus Academy are quite often seen as the typical popular crowd and non moreso than those members of the Olympus Furies -the OP’s resident championship-winning football team.

With their long hair and slacker trappings of the surf scene, the Skaters of Olympus Academy are characterized by Vans retro sneakers and oversized tees. They may call each other “dude” and move through the world with their attitude on display.

Often considered a hybrid social grouping, Skaters come in all degrees and quite often hover somewhere between the cliques in their own sort of Cool. Two years ago, the Parent’s Association voted to “Ban” skate-boarding on school property -the Skaters declined to follow the rules and after some close run-ins and near accidents, the faculty of the OP instead brought the City on board and had a skate park developed across from the school at Century Park.

Not every kid fits neatly into a category. There are basically three types of “outsider” groups that a student of Olympus Academy might fall into. The socially challenged teen has trouble making friends and just doesn’t fit. The independent teen might be a “floater,” who has a variety of friends and feels no need to join any one group exclusively. The determined outsider actively rejects cliques and may even hang with fellow outsiders, who form their own group (go figure).

Experimenting is natural during the teen years, and students often change their circle of friends. Some teens at the OP really are loners by nature. All too often the teachers and their parents jump to the conclusion that there’s something wrong with them.

They make a big effort to assemble a wardrobe that seems effortless. Guys and girls alike go for tight jeans, flannel shirts, Buddy Holly glasses and vintage clothing. They sport a cooler-than-thou, I-could-care-less attitude, and they try hard to be ironic at all costs.

In their parent’s day, they might have been called indies or the artsy crowd. Before that, they were hippies. Today, it’s not so much “peace and love,” but rather an appreciation of independent music and a taste for fringe movements that defines them.

These teens are ever eager to fit in. They’re dedicated followers of fashion, devoted to a particular band, club or style. They dress in tight, fashionable clothing, wear sunglasses and sport wild but styled hairdos (think striped, streaked or spiked).

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are popular with all teens (and a lot of adults), but for scenesters, these Web sites are totally essential.

The Scenesters of Olympus Academy sometimes get labeled posers or wannabes. There’s been a recent increase of some of them being drawn into the drugs and alcohol and teachers and parents both have commented that they’ve seen unsavory types hanging out, just off school property. Last year a kid overdosed at a Grad Party and since then, the school community has come together to promote the so-called “Straight Edge” scene.

Known by their logos: Lacoste, L.L. Bean., Abercrombie & Fitch, etc, the Prep scene in the OP is alive and thriving. With Popped collars and polo shirts, and grooming that tends to be impeccable. They are the “In” crowd and proud of it.

Being the popular kids, prepsters ometimes they overlap with jocks, especially when it comes to sports such as football, golf or tennis.

In recent years, one thing the faculty and parents have had to watch for is the need to overachieve. Keeping up schoolwork, being involved in too many organizations or getting into the right college stresses them out -making drug and alcohol use along with bad choices an all too common thing.

People call them “brains” or “teacher’s pets” and other such nicknames in the OP. They’re the first kids with their hands up, and they always have the right answer. They might not have the fashion sense of other groups, and they usually prefer chess to hoops.

At one time, anyone who understood the mysteries of computers was considered a nerd. Now, a whole generation is computer savvy, so nerds are often the ones who understand the science behind the techno glitz.

Smart, but socially awkward sums the nerds of Olympus Academy up nicely.

Mean Girls
High heels, short skirts — whatever the latest fashion is, they’re into it. They form exclusive cliques, and gossip is their native language.

Mean girls crave popularity, often because they feel insecure. Yet they have a hard time with genuine relationships. They cultivate “frenemies,” which are girls they hang with but secretly hate. Even their BFFs (best friends forever) might be spurned tomorrow.

The teen years can be an emotional roller coaster, and emo kids are the ones eager for another ride. Their emotions are reflected in their appearance: black clothing, streaked bangs, tattoos and piercings. They maintain a strict fashion sense while insisting on their individuality — not an easy task.

The emo style has its roots in punk culture, which tended to be more rebellious, and goth, which was gloomier. All of the groups shared an angst that most of their parents can remember suffering at one time or another when we were teenagers.

The way the emo kids of Olympus Academy speak their inner feelings might make them seem whiny, but that doesn’t mean the emotions aren’t heartfelt. Depression or bipolar tendencies are not uncommon and the more extreme of them also experiment with self-injury and cutting.

Ghetto and Gangsters
In some parts of Freedom City these kids might be considered often as teens who live in the poorer areas of town and act “ghetto” like with a street accent. In addition, this social grouping is often associated with being in a gang or dealing drugs. Gangster appearances may include chains, pants lowly lifted, long shirts, and a hat worn backwards

At Olympus Academy the terms are more associated with a type of acting and look than how much money you have. That’s not to say that the school doesn’t have its more dangerous element, in fact, in the past year two students have been suspended for having knives and some of the more impressionable kids have begun hanging out with a predatory group of real gangsters and dealers calling themselves the Kingston Bloods.

The teens who devote their time to learning the songs to all their favourite musicals, coreographing new dances, and sometimes writing songs themselves. They are artistic and creative; their preferred subjects are the Arts – Drama, Dance, Music and Art. They are often found in smaller groups (ranging from 2-5) and may fall into more than one clique, despite their allegiance to Musical Theatre.

Foreign students and exchange kids whose first language is not English are found in this social set. At Olympus Academy there is a sizable population of ESL kids and while they do stand out at times, some few have managed to integrate themselves into the other social cliques of the school.

Social Groups

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