School Overview

Located in the Northern area of Willowdale known as Birmingham, the campus is situated on a large wooded parkland area just south of Century Park.

The OP as its students call it was founded in 1954 by Leonard Massey and consists of three separate buildings surrounding a open and well-maintained quad. Because of its location on a gentle rise of land, the school has a nearly unobstructed view of Salvation Bay.

The north-west building is for applied sciences & technology –two floors of labs, lecture halls and workshops. The south building –known as Massey Hall –is the original school structure and bears the trappings of Bayside City’s International architectural style of the 50’s. It’s a three story building with many glass windows and skylights. The north-east building is a three-story structure housing the classes for the arts including a new auditorium and music rooms.
Concept se

Ranking: 15th in the Country with a very low rate of drop out students
Funding: Public with some private and anonymous donations frequently throughout the year
Student Body: 916 current (1200 capacity)
Faculty: 103 Staff and Teachers

Administration & Registration
Career & Technology Studies
Fine & Dramatic Arts
Guidance/Student Services
Physical Education
Second Languages
Social Sciences

School Overview

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