House Rules

Renown and Infamy
For the purposes of our game we wanted to create a simple system that helped track just how famous or infamous our heroes became. Borrowing an idea from the Pendragon RPG, we came up with our own version of the Glory system.

During the session, when heroes do something notable that is in the public eye they earn either Renown or Infamy depending on whether their actions were noble or darker.

For every 1000 points of Renown or Infamy the heroes get a +1/-1 circumstance bonus.

As an example: A Hero is 2000 Renown swoops down from the sky to confront some muggers intent upon robbing a poor woman of her hard-earned money. He commandingly shouts, “Halt Evil Doer!”. He rolls on his Intimidate and adds a +2 circumstance mod for his renown.

The crooks drop their weapons and yell. “We surrender Captain fantastic!”

This system has greatly enhanced our sessions, adding to encounters with citizens, police, politicians and crooks alike.

House Rules

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