History of Bayside City

The Founding of Bayside
Bayside City owes its existence to two distinct events –the expansion into Oregon by the Hudson’s Bay Company in pursuit of the lucrative fur trade and the discovery of gold at White Mountain. In 1822 HBC established Fort Anger at the Western edge of the Anger Falls Valley just south of Salvation Bay.

Trading with the local natives, James Weston –the HBC representative and to all accounts a ruthless man –learned their legends of the great silver Thunderbird that was said to have come from the heavens many years before to bring spirits to the people of White Mountain. Both he and the soldiers of the fort dismissed these stories as nothing more than primitive superstition.

By 1823 the fur trade had expanded and with it came settlers to the valley. Buildings were erected outside Fort Anger and a small town began to grow. By the summer of ’24 Fort Anger was acting as a major centre of trade throughout Maine when gold was discovered by Patrick and Sean O’Reilly at White Mountain.

With gold came prospectors and between the Fur Trade and the newly founded O’Reilly Mining Company the town quickly swelled in population. The people who settled there named the fledgling community Bayside.

The White Mountain Massacre
In 1851, as negotiations between the people of Bayside and their native neighbours broke down over land claims around White Mountain soldiers from Fort Anger rounded up the natives and forcibly relocated them to the Deep Springs Reservation. A small band of native warriors led by Joseph “Big Joe” Red-branch chose to resist the relocation and fought back against the soldiers. Their resistance initially resulted in the deaths of several soldiers and Kevin J. Montgomery –the HBC operative who had replaced James Weston –in an ambush amongst the high passes of the mountain. This galvanized the people of Bayside and led in turn to a much broader conflict throughout the region.

By the end of June that year Big Joe and his warriors had retreated to a small valley deep within White Mountain where they fought a desperate last stand against the “White Devils”. They were massacred to a man in what historians called the Battle of Red Creek.

For generations afterwards people would claim to have seen ghostly native warriors amongst the high passes of White Mountain and many disappearances have been attributed to the curse of Big Joe Red-Branch.

The White Mountain Mining Company
Following the relocation of the natives, Patrick and Sean O’Reilly moved their operations deeper into the White Mountain area. They changed the name of their company to the White Mountain Mining Company and began actively recruiting more prospectors to the area. By 1853 WMMC had a controlling share in most of the operations throughout the area and the O’Reilly brothers were becoming more active in the community of Bayside.

On September 3rd, 1858 miners from Shaft 39a ran screaming in panic from their positions deep within the mountain claiming that they’d been attacked by something in the dark. They told authorities at the mine that they’d come across an opening into a natural cave network and decided to see where it led.

Following the course of water as it made its way down, the miners had descended to an area where they said an underground lake of sorts had formed. One of their number –Robert Grant had gone near the water’s edge only to fall or be pulled under. The miners said they could hear him struggling and crying out as if something was attacking him, and then a roar “As if the Devil himself were eating him!”

The men dropped their lanterns and fled, leaving their friend to the Devil of Shaft 39a as it came to be known and no matter the form of persuasion –be it threat or bribe –could get anyone to enter that shaft from that day forward. Mine Director Harold Sunderland ordered Shaft 39a closed and it’s remained that way ever since.

Incorporation and the Founding Families
Bayside City was officially incorporated on April 7th, 1860 during a ceremony presided over by Gov. John Whiteaker who had been invited to Bayside by Byron Knightsbridge, a wealthy banker originally from London, England. At a growing population of nearly 900 people, the founding families of Bayside City wanted to see their home become a Mecca for commerce and industry throughout Oregon.

Their plan worked and by early 1861 the population had swelled to over 1200 people and the city held its very first municipal election. Michael H. Vandermeer was elected on a platform of building a new waterfront and pier –narrowly beating out Christopher Weston who had remade his family’s fortune following the withdrawal of the Hudson’s bay Company in 1854.

A Call to Arms
On June 15th. 1861 the fathers and sons of Bayside City were called upon to take up arms and join the fight during the American Civil War. Many heeded the call including Daniel Knightsbridge and Peter Weston, two of the Founding Family’s most promising sons. Both joined the United States army as cavalry volunteers and went east to fight against the Confederate forces. Both would return to the city forever changed.

As the war dragged on and casualties grew the people of Bayside City prayed and mourned and tried to carry on. Businesses suffered losses but the economy of the city managed to pull through, thanks in large part to the efforts of WMMC –which began mining coal to provide to the war effort and Vandermeer Shipping –who helped run supply ships down the Arrow and Rogue Rivers.

Daniel and Peter returned from the war in 1863 just a few months after Lincoln issued his Emancipation Proclamation. Neither would speak of what they had endured and it was widely rumoured that both had been taken captive by Confederates or Natives during the war as each bore signs of torture.

Three months after their return a brutal gang of war deserters made their way to Bayside City and Hell literally followed with them. Calling themselves the Hellriders the gang swept into the streets and used their guns and other demonic forces to bring terror to the citizens. Going so far as to lock several dozen people into the Church of St. George and threaten to burn them alive unless a steep ransom was paid.

The gang was defeated by the interference of two masked heroes wielding powers of their own. A two-gun wielding illusionist calling himself Glamour and a fearsome Dark Rider on a coal black horse that seemed impervious to bullets and hellfire. Though they never revealed their identities and no one could prove it, it was widely speculated that both Knightsbridge and Weston were the masked protectors. For years afterwards when evil threatened the city –Glamour and the Dark Rider would appear to thwart it.

Free at Last!
Following the war’s end the soldiers began returning home and grieving families were given some semblance of closure. As the war progressed, freed slaves made their way to the states where slavery was outlawed and Bayside City was no different. There still stands a small homestead –now a museum –along Highway 6 that was a key conduit for slaves as they made their way west. The owner of the homestead, a Jewish Doctor named Arnold Goldman and his family welcomed the slaves with open arms and helped establish themselves on the city limits. Goldman even went so far as to help persuade Byron Knightsbridge to loan funds to help build the farms and businesses that would form the basis of what would become Lincoln Heights.

The Injun Devil of Anger Falls
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In 1875 four hunters were startled when they stopped along a trail to eat in the White Mountain area, and instead saw an enormous man walking toward them in the distance that was well over seven feet tall. They claimed he had long hair like an Indian and was covered in short black hair. He carried a spear and when he got closer the men said he raised his head to the sky and let out a roar like something straight out of Hell. The men claimed they were chased through the rugged forest hills of the Anger Falls Valley, and that one of them, Daniel McBride was ripped apart by the creature.

Local Indian legends called the creature the Pomoola and in the months following several hunting parties went into the forest to trap and kill the so-called “Injun Devil”, but no further sightings were documented.

The Birth of Heroes
The modern history of superheroes in Bayside City dates back to the early pulp era of the 1920’s when the infamous villain, Professor Nul threatened to destroy the Ambassador subway shortly after it first opened in 1925. His plot was uncovered and thwarted by a masked hero who used a raven as a symbol on his cape. The newspapers ate the drama of a “masked” hero up and it wasn’t long before the dark hero known as “Nevermore” was a common subject of fiction in many dime-mags.

While Nevermore battled the real and fictional forces of evil and captured the imagination of citizens across the city, so too did his stories lead to a new generation of smart and creative criminals who often borrowed from the tales of Nevermore, creating inventions and committing crimes inspired by the writings of authors like Neal Pollard and newsmen like Michael O’Shea.

By 1926 Professor Nul was followed by villains like the Clockwork Gang, Samson and Delilah, and the Black Condor. Nevermore battled them all –often defeating them and stopping their schemes from working –until the fateful day he again encountered Professor Nul only this time the Master Villain was not just ready for Nevermore’s interference –he was looking forward to it.

The papers reported that the beaten and burned body of Nevermore was gruesomely seen hanging from the tallest point of the Palace of Fine Arts on February 4th, 1928. What followed was considered one of the darkest times for the city of Bayside. With the death of Nevermore the criminals of Bayside came fully out of the shadows and started to operate freely in the city.

Gang War
On April 28, 1928 a gang war erupted on the streets between rival bootlegger gangs with the assassination of crime lord Jerry Ferrone. Ferrone was supposedly killed at the order of Alfredo Scaritti, who was then himself assassinated by an unknown hitter. As the police tried vainly to track down the killer or killers, each subsequent suspect was killed prior to being captured and the streets of Bayside ran red with blood.

When the dust settled and the “war” was over only one family was left standing –the Bendetti lead by Francesco Benedetti. Scuttlebutt on the street said that Francesco had paid a hitman known only as Doubletap to carry out the assassinations.

The city weathered the stock market crash of 1929 better than most places with not one bank in Bayside City failing, but that doesn’t mean it was easy for people. There were still lineups for food and vast unemployment, strikes and civil unrest, and the ongoing gang war had people ducking for cover at times. In the absence of any true heroes the Clockwork Gang operated with impunity and knocked over several savings and loan enterprises and the Black Condor robbed the de Young Memorial Museum, stealing several high profile Native American pieces.

At the same time mysterious events were taking place in Chinatown as people went missing and locals claimed to have seen ghosts of their ancestors rise up and haunt them. The Jade Falcon emerged as a masked hero in the inner areas of Chinatown and occasionally ventured outside to tackle Asian crime that threatened to spill over the Dragon Gate.

At the height of the Great Depression, amid unprecedented crime and poverty, Bayside saw two of the most ambitious of its engineering projects undertaken and completed. By 1937 construction of the Bay Bridge and Raven Gate Bridge was complete just in time for the Raven Gate to be threatened by Professor Nul who attacked the grand opening –creating a portal to a place he called the Shadowlands –and declaring that he would devour the bridge and all on it with the portal unless the city surrendered immediate control to him.

The timely arrival of Jade Falcon and a new mask going by the name of the Sentinel. The two heroes fought Professor Nul in a harrowing battle that culminated in the villain being sucked into his own portal before it collapsed.

Prelude to War
In the Summer of 1938 amid growing tension worldwide over the actions of Nazi Germany several Jewish sites were desecrated in the city by apparent Fifth Column antagonists. These attacks were thwarted by the Sentinel who boldly declared “The People of Bayside City reject your brand of Hate!” –setting the tone for the city’s reputation for tolerance that would precede it throughout history.
In 1940 a villain known as the Oyabun set off a series of bombs in the city in what many say was the real first-strike against America by the Japanese. Dozens died in the explosions that targeted the city’s hospitals and power plants. In a string of pitched battles the Sentinel, Jade Falcon and the city’s first female super heroine, Dusk fought the Oyabun, eventually bringing him to justice in a final confrontation at Gallows Hill Park.

On December 7, 1941 the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour and shortly thereafter the United States entered World War II. This sparked a new era of superhero and villain activity that would lead into the modern day of Bayside City.

The Call to War
With the American war machine stirred into action, the young men of Bayside were signing up in droves to do their duty and bring the fight to the Nazi’s and “Japs”. By 1942, the Japanese of the city were rounded up and placed in Internment Camps and life on the homefront was all about Reducing, Reusing and Recycling.

By the early Spring of 1942 the War in the pacific theatre took a decidedly bad turn for the United States. American forces suffered a great defeat at the hands of the Japanese during the Battle of Bataan when a group of Japanese soldiers demonstrated superhuman powers of an elemental nature. They tore into the Allied forces and sent them reeling in one confrontation after another. By the time the battle had finished, over 10,000 men were killed and more than 75,000 taken prisoner between the U.S. and Filipino soldiers.
Shortly thereafter the United States military initiated Project Prometheus –an ultra secret experiment to create superhumans of their very own. Using captured scientific documents from a Nazi lab uncovered in Europe, the doctors and scientists experimented on dozens of soldiers with little success until the Ortega brothers were discovered in Bayside. The Ortega’s were Italian Americans who had enlisted at 18 and were just completing their basic training for the Navy.

Daniel Ortega exhibited powers of flight and super strength and was given the callsign –Boomer, while Louis Ortega developed strong telekinetic powers and was given the name Breakwall. Together they took the battle overseas to fight the Nazi menace head-on.

On June 15th, 1942 the Long Point Naval Shipyard was attacked by a villain calling himself the Shogun and a small army of Ninja who sought to disrupt the building of more ships for the United States Navy and thereby hinder the War in the Pacific. The Shogun used a magical sword and demonstrated superhuman agility in the first overt display of powers since Professor Nul’s use of the Shadow Portal in 1937.

The Shogun was stopped by Jade Falcon and Dusk but not before the Falcon was killed by the Shogun in single combat. Upon his death, the Jade Falcon was honoured by Mayor Angelo Rossi and thousands came out to pay homage to one of the city’s leading heroes. At the funeral the Sentinel himself promised to look after Chinatown in the Falcon’s absence.

In October of 1943 Dusk and her new sidekick Dustup exposed the Iron Ring –a secret organization of corrupt police officers who profited off of illegal prostitution and gambling dens. The scandal nearly brought the BCPD to its knees and the damage to its reputation would take years to undo.

Post-War Bayside City became a city of booming industry as people returned from the war intent on creating life rather than destroying it. The shipyards that had been booming during WWII continued to be a great source of employment and progress throughout the post-war period and it wasn’t long after the war’s end that the city experienced a rash of criminal events that seemed to be the work of several supervillain groups –namely a new Clockwork Gang and the Nest.

We Come In Peace
While most people believe the world’s first true encounter with extra-terrestrial life happened in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, the truth is that it really happened a year earlier in Salvation Bay. On a cool autumn evening, October 16th, 1946 an unidentified flying object entered the Earth’s atmosphere and plunged into the Bay before anyone could scramble fighters to intercept it. The military moved in immediately, cordoning off a large area of the bay to investigate the site. It’s not entirely known what was discovered but the media reported sightings of a ship being raised up from the depths and strange figures being taken aboard helicopters and whisked away.

Months later Mark Davidson, a reported with the Bayside Chronicle wrote an exclusive interview with a being who called himself Gh’aedoron of the Traxxian Collective. This supposedly alien being was an escapee of a secret detainment facility near Anger Falls National Park called Bull Creek. Gh’aedoron stated that his craft had crashed into the Earth and while he sought on help to repair it, he was instead incarcerated and experimented upon.
The alien’s interview was cut short when men in black suits appeared and attempted to apprehend Gh’aedoron –an attempt that failed and ended in a spectacular fire that swept through three city blocks. Davidson himself disappeared in the blaze and the report likely wouldn’t have seen the light of day had it not surfaced a few weeks later mysteriously.

Discrediting reports that made light of Davidson’s “Interview” loudly proclaimed that the entire thing was a hoax designed to gauge public reaction to the idea of aliens. Radio and television skits added to the hilarity as well-known actors imitated Gh’aedoron, saying “I come in peace!”

Baby it’s Cold Outside
With the close of WWII and the historical Treaty of San Francisco signing in 1951 the world was faced with yet another threat. Russia’s ties with the Allied forces were strained to the brink of disaster and a long, dark chapter of history reared its ugly head.

Spies on both sides fought a sinister game of cloak & dagger in the shadows and Bayside saw its fair share of espionage. Villains like the Red Hammer and Ursa brought terror to the streets, time and again tangling with Boomer, Breakwall and Dustup.

In one such engagement the two Russian villains sought to break into the Naval Radiological Defence Laboratory at Long Point to get their hands on the plans to an experimental nuclear device. It was here that Breakwall unleashed his full telekinetic potential when Ursa nearly cut Boomer in half with his claws. The resulting shockwave destroyed the shipyards and research facility, killed Ursa and caused a 6.9 magnitude earthquake that toppled buildings and cost additional lives.

While the Korean War raged in Asia, the people back home had troubles of their own following the battle of Long Point. Maddened by his brother’s death, Breakwall succumbed for a time to his feelings and went on a self-destructive rampage. The hero tore apart Bayside looking for villains to take his rage and grief out on coming to blows with other heroes like Dustup and Lady Liberty before he was finally taken down by a coalition of heroes and villains lead by a resurgent Professor Nul.

In a Purple Haze
Following on the heels of the Korean War and just as tired American soldiers were coming home, the United States got entangled in the mess of Vietnam. Hell bent on stopping the influence of Communism in Asia, first advisors and then soldiers were drawn into a hopeless conflict.

As the war raged and American soldiers started dying in droves, the climate of Bayside City changed. Anti-war protests and the hippie counterculture served to make the city a magnet for the protest movement and all it entailed.

Taking advantage of the civil disobedience and unrest, villains like Jack Flash and Anarchy went on crime sprees while criminal organizations like the Mafia, Yakuza and the Nest seemed to operate with impunity.

In September 1962, just prior to the events of the Cuban Missile Crisis, King Cobra –the leader of Bayside’s Nest –ordered the poisoning of the city by its sewer system, unleashing a purple fog that had dramatic LSD-like effects on the citizens. The plot was ultimately foiled by Dustup and Lady Liberty but not before dozens of deaths occurred.

The Zebra Murders
One year following the official end of Vietnam, the city was rocked by the infamous Zebra Murders. The racially motivated killings of 16 people by four African-American men had the city in a panic and police scrambling to uncover who was behind it. Lady Liberty along with a new hero calling himself Big Daddy tracked the killers down in 1975 and brought them to justice after a harrowing standoff.

Shake, Rattle and Roll
In 1989 the city underwent a catastrophe that killed 63 people as the infamous villain Professor Nul once again terrorized Bayside. Nul appeared on televisions across the city and demanded that the Mayor and Governor relinquish control of the city to him no later than 5pm on October 17. If they failed to do so and ignored his demands he promised great retribution on the city and its people.

A coalition of superheroes lead by Patriot the supposed daughter of Lady Liberty and Big Daddy tracked Professor Nul down in his secret lair deep within White Mountain and did battle with his minions and a collection of villains he had recruited to act as a defence.

The battle was caught on film and the world saw the valiant heroes work to stop Nul’s manifested Shadowgate from opening a rift in the fabric of space-time. Big Daddy ultimately sacrificed his life to try to shut down the rift but not before it set off a destructive wave of energy that resulted in a 6.9 magnitude earthquake that shook the city to its foundations.

Following the defeat of Professor Nul and death of Big Daddy, several of the heroes of Bayside chose to band together and form a team dedicated to protecting the city from significant threats. Calling themselves Safeguard and lead by Patriot they held a press conference and established a headquarters.

For the next six years the members of safeguard became a household name, tackling villains and threats from the Nest and Sinister Syndicate to independent threats like Domino and Tsunami. Time and again the people of the city were saved by the heroes and it was not long before an entire industry of comics, action figures, movies and other merchandise sprung up around them.

The Return of Professor Nul
On May 3rd, 1996 disaster struck the city. At 2:06am PST a series of violent earthquakes originating just off the coast began to roll through the city. Windows broke, car alarms went off and several buildings experienced minor damage. Things settled down for a while and just as the city was getting back to some semblance of normal, another wave of quakes hit, this time far larger in magnitude. Witnesses claim to have seen the waters of the Atlantic ripple and boats were capsized in Salvation Bay.

By 6:13am, the heroes of the city were in action but largely unorganised as no one could determine how best to help. A third wave of quakes –this time registered at 6.2 magnitude –caused much destruction and loss of lives and by 6:35am the city was in a real panic. It was clear that this event was no natural phenomena.

At 6:41am, heroes with psychic or magical affinity throughout the east coast of the United States all reported a massive disturbance on the astral and psychic planes. As if the fabric of reality itself was being ripped asunder.

Scant minutes later the well-known face of Professor Nul appeared on most broadcasts, radio and internet services. Only this time, Nul had no demands. His eerie voice simply said, “I am become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds.” With that there came a profound silence. Sixty minutes of dread and a city with its collective breath held as the time passed.

The heroes of the city were not idle. Led by Safeguard they traced the origin of Nul’s broadcast to a tanker three miles off the coast of Bayside only to find that the tanker was empty –a carefully laid trap set by the Professor for the city’s would-be saviors.

As the world watched, a void in time-space appeared where once the tanker floated. A Shadowgate larger than any created before. The earth shook and the ripples could be felt across the continent and as far away as Japan.
The resulting shockwave was measured later at 9.1 on the Richter Scale -buildings toppled, bridges and subway lines collapsed and thousands died in the worst disaster to hit the west coast in recorded history. The quake sparked fires that raced through whole city blocks and the tsunami that followed drowned the city in sea water and death.

Of the heroes that converged upon the tanker to try and stop Professor Nul, there was no sign or word. For all intents and purposes they simply disappeared along with the tanker into the void created by the Shadowgate. A nation mourned the loss of so many lives while the leaders of the world trembled in fear of Professor Nul, not knowing where he would strike next.

Gentlemen, We Can Rebuild It
With the devastation of Bayside City so complete the nation and Government were at a loss for just how to address such a catastrophe. President Clinton declared a national emergency and reached out for aid from any direction. A plea for help that was not ignored.

Help came in many shapes and forms, from State and foreign country aid to the countess volunteers who poured into the area to help with the clean up. Superheroes from across the globe donated their time and energy to help rebuild streets and neighbourhoods –not to mention help maintain law and order.

In early 1998 a consortium of some of the world’s largest corporations offered to front the money to rebuild a new city –one that they proposed would be a modern marvel of human engineering and perserverence.

Dubbed the Phoenix Project, the proposal was unanimously accepted by all levels of Government and within weeks construction on an unparalleled scale was under way. The process took countless dollars and fifteen years and ultimately kick-started the economy of the United States as never before.

As one neighbourhood was rebuilt, the people of that area were temporarily moved to new housing areas specially built outside the city –giving birth to suburbs such as New Babylon, Long Beach and Hillcrest.

History of Bayside City

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