City Overview

Vital Stats
Bayside City is counted among the largest cities within the United States, with a total area just a little bit smaller than Chicago and making it the largest city in the state of Oregon.

Area: 115.4 square miles (City)
Metropolitan area: 9,637.2 square miles

Altitude: 0-234 feet above sea level
Climate: Temperate; annual percipitation rate approximately 75.2inches

Resident, including suburbs: 4.2 million
Resident, metropolitan area: 2.1 million
Working: 5.5 million

Racial Background
White: 53%
Black: 16%
Native American:9%

Religious Background
Protestant: 39%
Catholic: 25%
Jewish: 12%
Buddhist: 10%
Muslim: 9%
Other: 5%

City Overview

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