Olympus Academy 90210

Issue # 4: The Party Crashers -Pt 2

The Party
Arriving at the Marks home, Bjorn and Jack could immediately see the party in full swing. Cars were parked all down the street and squeals of laughter and splashes could be heard –as well as loud music –from the back yard.
• Think Can’t Hardly Wait or Project X as a theme

The following was read aloud:
The first thing you notice is all the cars as you pull into the neighbourhood. They are lined up around the block and as you pass by you see droves of people making their way towards the address of the Marks twins. Most of these people are carrying bottles, cases of beer or coolers and ALL of them seem to be brought forth from some teen-hormone-based movie where no one is anything but exceptionally attractive.

The bass starts in your feet and travels its way up into your legs and from there into your gut and chest until you literally feel compelled to start moving in time with it. It throbs and pulses in a way that makes you want to lay down some serious moves or break something.

As you turn onto the walkway that heads towards the party’s entrance you pass teens outside on the front lawn hanging out, talking and laughing and in varying stages of intoxicated behaviour. No one is too roaring yet, but it’s very clear that the party has fully started.

• Some people –mostly girls –were dancing to the music while many others crowded around and the sound of their conversations seemed to blend into white noise
• The smell of pot was in the air and they ccoukd see a group of teens blowing smoke into a little dogs face and getting it stoned
• 2 kids had a video camera and seemed to be making a documentary and even interviewing people

Inside the big house there were teens everywhere. Crowding the front hall, in the dining and living rooms, the stairway and kitchen and all had alcohol. Music pumped from several rooms and there were more than a few students making out in various stages throughout. Jack and Bjorn as Football superstars were immediately set upon by the crowd and welcomed –finding themselves with beers in hand in no time at all.
Some of the Party Antics: (Liberated from Project X)
• Backyard Keg stands with Brad Beaman
• Skateboarding on the rails and into the pool
• The Dancing and DJ Station –featuring DJ Shockz –an up-and-comer from the OP
• Hot-boxing the garage with Tommy Ortwine
• Various make-out rooms
• Boat races and drinking games
• Stupid human tricks and strength feats
• Zip-lining into a pool filled with naked people
• Fog machines and lasers, standing speakers
• A midget in the oven

The Marks twins were needless to say happy to see Jack and Bjorn, as they naturally gravitated towards anyone who is popular –especially Bjorn who’s a “hunk”. The teens soon found themselves escorted to seperate rooms in the upstairs, Tammy with Bjorn and Lyndesay with Jack. It was going to happen! Jack was finally going to cash in the V card!

And that’s when things took a turn for the worse…

The Party Crashers
At around 1am as the Party really kicked into high gear and the antics became even more extreme, the power to the house and surrounding block cut out. It drowned out the shouts and music in deafening silence before people began to boo and look to see what could be done.

Spot lights illuminated the backyard in blinding light and suddenly there were Men in masks pushing everyone into the house –at first a few people thought it was all part of the “show” until one of the Men smashed Brad Beaman in the face with the butt of a produced gun.

That’s when Titanus heard the commotion outside and things became crazy. As the power went out, Jack wised up too and told Lyndesay to head to the bathroom and hide in the tub. When asked what he would do, he simply said: “A Man’s gotta do, what a Man’s gotta do.”

The men holding the guns were all decked out in grey and black paramilitary style garb, with combat harnesses and boots, and wearing modified flak jackets of some type. They seemed to communicate via walkie-talkies and all had either strange-looking pistols or rifles. Each had a black mask and a crimson circle with a stylized black eagle emblazoned in black on their chest.

Titanus and Speed Demon made their way from their respective rooms to the roof where they confronted the villains and all hell broke loose. Speed Deon used his powers to disarm and render incapacitated four of the agents in the back yard, while Titanus took out the leader’s bodyguard and then the leader himself by throwing him 200 feet into the air and then catching him within an inch of going splat.

That’s when the criminals outside the home’s front threatened to torch the house and all the kids if the heroes didn’t surrender. Speed Demon made his way into the home towards the front lobby where he saw several armed men coming inside and begin searching through the kids. Titanus followed and they could see that on the street three armoured vehicles were on the road with villains piling outside and pointing their weapons at the party-goers and police that had shown up.
On the front lawn six more armed men and one in seven-foot tall power armour were covering the crowded entrance. The power armour had twin flame throwers aimed and was using a loud speaker to give orders. “Surrender and let us go about our business or we torch everything.”

To Further Complicate Matters
The party kept growing thanks to social media. Twitter and facebook were abuzz and the people just kept coming. This is something the villains never planned for and while they are normally not above using force, they became quickly agitated as the street party erupted around their hostage situation.

Speed Demon began to negotiate and soon an agreement was struck. The party goers would be allowed to leave the area if Titanus and Speed Demon agreed to leave the area. One more thing was demanded. The Marks twins had to stay inside the house until the villains were finished.

It was becoming clear to the teen heroes that the bad guys were there not for them, but for something else altogether.

Titanus and Speed Demon went out front to watch the safe release of the civilians –in the meantime, Speed Demon had managed to get in touch with the lead police officer in charge of the situation via his comm Unit. Lieutenant Karen King -a known contact of Speed Demon -spoke with the hero and they agreed that once the people were out safely, he and Titanus would finish things –so long as they were confident that they could handle it with no casualties.

Titanus caused a distraction by throwing a nearby car at the power armoured man, who turned the car into a fireball in his panic to avoid it. This allowed Speed Demon to race inside and using moves out of a Jackie Chan movie set to fast-forward, take out the three agents who were busy walking the Marks twins down the stairs as hostages. At the same time, Speed Demon placed a distress call out on the team’s comm Channel to anyone who was available for backup.

As the speedster was clobbering the goons indoors, Titanus leapt unto the torso of the power armour agent and peeled him open like a sardine can. He then flipped him over and used him as s human shield to block the energy blasts from the criminal’s weapons.

As he did so, he heard over the comm. Unit, “Nevermore here.” And suddenly two of the armed men on the shadowed side of one of the armoured vehicles disappeared and after a few meaty thwaks, Nevermore merged from the shadows having used his magic to teleport to the area of immediate danger.

In moments the villains were disarmed and subdued or fleeing the cops and the civilians were saved. Speed Demon quickly changed and as Jack once again, made sure that the Marks twins saw him “punching out” one of the agents.

As the onlookers caught everything on film –posting immediately to YouTube and Twitter –Titanus came back from stopping one of the fleeing armoured trucks, dragging with him and string of tied up agents.

The events ended a picture hitting the front page of the Bayside Times with Titanus standing at the side of one of the trucks with the agents at his feet, Nevermore standing imposingly on its rooftop –his Raven familiar Poe perched on his shoulder, and Jack Burton raising his hands like Rocky and jumping up and down beside them as if he were part of the team.

The heroes found out later that the agents were from a criminal organization calling itself the Praetorian Guard and were intent upon stealing plans for a new and advanced prototype exo-skeleton designed by Mr. Marks. The criminals wanted to take and modify these plans for their own evil purposes and had already trashed Marks’ office at Bayside University before heading to his home. They were unprepared for a party, but quickly adapted.

They wanted the twins because they believed they would know where Marks kept his secrets or how to retrieve the password for his computer –the girls actually did know this as it was the first beloved pet Marks owned when he was a child, Mr. Wiggles. Wiggles1996 was the password, the dog’s name plus the birth-year of the twins.

Issue # 4: The Party Crashers -Pt 1

May 31, 2013 about a month after the Tainted Meat scandal that rocked Olympus Academy. In that time, the heroes have become more widely known to the media of Freedom City as the Bayside Strikers. Unofficially their roster includes: The Green Ghost, TKO, Speed Demon, Titanus and Nevermore II.

OP Announcements:
“Good morning Olympus Academy. Would you please stand for the singing of our national anthem and remain standing for the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. Or you may refrain as that is your constitutional right.
“Thank you. My name is Gary Hillman. Today is Friday, August 16th2013 and here are your daily announcements:

• Tonight, your own Olympus Furies take on the Mission Matadors on Olympian Field. You are all invited to attend the Pep Rally immediately following last period at the gymnasium. Go Furies Go!
• Vice Principal Mortison would like to welcome Mr. Townsend to Olympus Academy. Mr. Townsend has been appointed the school’s new Principal and he said any student is welcome to come visit the office and get to know him

Since joining the Olympus Furies Jack and Bjorn had become star players and the backbone of this year’s Championship-bound team. It wasn’t easy despite what people may think. Hiding your super-powers while trying to play sports is actually really hard, a lesson the two boys had begun to learn well.

In the first week, Bjorn broke a players arm when he picked him bodily up with ease and unceremoniously dumped him. The fact that it was the opposing team’s centre caused quite the scandal and spurred accusations of “steroids” and even some rumours about what really was in the meat during the whole “Soylent Green” episode captured in the news.

For Jack, the games became boring as he had to slow himself down so much that he actually had to start missing a few balls or allowing himself to be tackled to keep his secret. The two boys would have quite altogether if it hadn’t been for two things: 1, that Nate kept saying this was a perfect opportunity to learn how to blend in –besides no one would ever believe that people with super powers could practice such restraint, and 2, that chicks –particularly cheerleaders like the Marks twins really do dig sports gods.

Following football practice that day Jack and Nate were asked if they intended to go to Saturday’s party at the Marks twins’ home in north Kingston. “Everybody” will be there –at least everybody who’s a somebody at the OP.
The twins live in a large upper-middle class home with a pool in an upscale neighbourhood. Their father, Gregor Marks is a cybernetics and advanced robotics engineer at the Hanover Institute of Technology. He’s involved in some pretty serious and cutting-edge research and projects and is a contemporary of Sullivan Barnes -the World’s Smartest Man.

Having never before been invited to a party with the “In Crowd”, Jack was pretty stoked. Bjorn understood the concept and also the need to fit in among the humans and was quite willing to go along with anything Jack suggested.

• They quickly decided that they had nothing really to wear

The best place to shop for just the right outfits is Hanover Square, not that far of a drive for the teens. In no time at all they found themselves in the Square and shopping among all the college kids of nearby Bayside College. Jack couldn’t keep his head from turning every time some hawt college girl walked by.

It was as they were leaving the Square that they were almost hit by a car that had crossed over into on-coming traffic and was weaving erratically. People screamed and had to dodge out of the way. The car was immediately followed by a black SUV that also behaved in a dangerous fashion and scant seconds later three police cruisers flew by.

As the black ford swerved onto the sidewalk and came speeding toward the heroes Titanus and Speed Demon saw an African American guy with a bandana, sunglasses and a gold tooth at the wheel and several others in the car with him. Speed Demon went into a blur and avoided the car, taking a look into it to see a guy riding shotgun with two others in the back. He also noticed that a black SUV was following the ford and had another African-American guy driving who also had his hand out the window with a pistol. Police cars were chasing at a distance.

Just moments later they heard the Pop Pop Pop of what could only be gunfire echo down the street.

Gang Rivalry
Two rival gangs, the Tyson 4-Oh and Kingston Bloods had decided to have a running gunfight when members of the Bloods stepped out of their neighbourhood to do a drive-by on a home where the 4-Oh usually hang out. Three people were gunned down, including one child –the daughter of Jon “Rotty” Williams.

Jack and Bjorn quickly decided that this was a job for the Bayside Strikers.

Titanus leapt up and over the car’s hood as it passed the space where he was and, coming down on the car’s roof, held on, his hands making large furrows in the metal.

As the car swerved back into oncoming traffic, Titanus reached down with one hand, shoving it through the windshield and started pulling back, crumpling the roof like a can opener and making an impromptu sun roof. The ganger riding shotgun unloaded on him with a machine pistol that simple made the hero grunt and respond by punching the thug out –being careful to restrain his strength.

As Titanus was preparing to reach in and grab the steering wheel, he was catapulted off the car and into the road by a lamp post used as a weapon. Coming around and picking himself up, he saw a huge man with a hammer on his back striding down the centre median towards him. Recognizing the hammer, Titanus started forward as well and the two tanks met with a crash.

The Following was read aloud:
The sound the lamp post makes when it cracks your skull is a resounding crash as if someone smashed two cast iron pots together around your ears. You see flashes of light and feel yourself picked up off your feet and sent hurtling through the air as if it were in slow motion.

Speed Demon in the meantime, dropped back and made his way, frogger-style, to the closest police cruiser and got them to roll down their window. He identified himself and asked the police to point out the nearest area up ahead where the traffic would naturally taper off and civilians be less likely. He then got them to pop the trunk and he withdrew a line of spike strips before he blurred off after the gangers.

Titanus intended to use Hammer’s leap and own momentum against him, but the villain was ready for the teen hero this time and instead struck him off his feet. They clashed again and Titanus grabbed a hold of the hammer –assuming that somehow this item contributed to or gave Hammer his powers. They wrestled for seconds until the hammer started coming loose and in desperation, the villain head-butted Titanus in the face, breaking his nose and sending him staggering back. This was followed by several blows with the hammer until Titanus found himself sailing through the air and carving a muddy furrow in the grass off to the side of the road.

Speed Demon was headed down the road at an incredible speed when he passed Titanus as he rolled along the road’s centre and then saw some huge guy making his way towards the downed hero, but knowing civilians were in danger, he correctly chose to keep going after the cars.

Speed Demon blew past the SUV and black ford, heading towards the Bayside Zoo along the street. Once there he could see that in the distance the police had already closed off and road blocked the street. He laid the spike strip down in the car’s path.

Triggering the spike strip sent the black ford careening out of control and crashing through the fence outside the zoo’s edge and into and through a barrier wall where it came to rest perched precariously on the edge of tipping into the animal enclosure altogether. He then used the same strip of spikes to stop the SUV seconds later, relying on his lightning speed to give him the time he needed.

The SUV managed to pull safely over to the right shoulder of the road and its occupants wisely chose to make a run for it rather than continue their pursuit of the gangers in the black ford.

Turning his attention to the ford and its passengers Speed Demon found the two men in the back seat unconscious as well as the guy riding shotgun who was still out cold and hanging half in, half out of the car with only his seatbelt saving him.

The driver of the ford was lying face down and only semi-conscious amid a horde of scared and angry baboons. Speed Demon quickly got the man out of immediate danger and to ensure the animals didn’t try to escape began driving them back to their homes by throwing debris at them with great accuracy.

This done, Speed Demon zoomed off to help Titanus who was not in good shape. Clearly Hammer was ready for him this time and wanted to make an example of him. Interposing himself between Hammer and Titanus, Speed Demon trusted in his speed bubble force field to absorb most of the damage from the maul –which it did thankfully.

Titanus summoned some extra will from deep within and managed to wrest the maul away from the villain. When he did so, the weapon began to glow and greenish runes flared –filling the teen with extra vitality and power.

He slammed Hammer with his own weapon and sent him a few dozen metres across the grass and then broke the magic hammer in two, not wanting to take any chances. The weapon must have been bound to him for as it broke, so too did Hammer scream with pain and fall unconscious.

The two teen heroes kept the villain prisoner until the police arrived –using the opportunity for Speed Demon to give an exclusive interview with Maxine Tidwell of Action News 4.

Issue # 3: Un-Principaled Pt 4

The next day opens with the morning announcements…

“Thank you. My name is Candace Sparks. Today is Thursday, May 16th 2013 and here are your morning announcements:

• Grief counsellor Hanniman would like all staff and students to know that her door is always open.
• Today is the last day to purchase Sadie Hawkins Dance tickets at the reduced price of $10. Visit the Student Store to get your tickets today and support the GSSA and the YFC.
• Ms. Webnacher would like everyone to know that today’s special is Salisbury Steak with real meat gravy, mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables.

It was a sombre day, grey and rainy and few students seemed at all interested in their classes. The Twittersphere of course weighed in on the recent and ongoing tragedy:

>>>Jenny_Hawtne55: I has a sad
>>>Brad_Beaman1995: I can’t believe we have 2 b here 2day. We should be off for grief or whatever.
>>>Jackee_Webber: I bet our new Principal is mixed up in his death.
>>>David_Brenner’(O_o)’: @Jackee_Webber this. Why else would she be absent again today? The cops are shining a light in her face.
>>>Felicity_Bitchity_1u1z: Brad I need a hug 
>>>Hanna_teh_Banana: Cheer up guys! Dance tomorrow!
>>>David_Brenner’(O_o)’: @Hanna_teh_Banana #vapid # cunt

Throughout the day nothing out of the ordinary seemed to happen and life went on much as it always had. This of course was aggravating for the heroes who wanted nothing more than to round up the other Wendigo and get them cured as soon as they could.

Ms. Rain was nowhere to be seen, but the heroes were sure that she wouldn’t just up and leave without a fight. After all, she’d certainly gone through a heck of a lot of effort to make the entire student body at Olympus Academy her own personal herd.

Troy and Jack used their abilities to scope out the students and staff of the OP to locate the other Wendigo and thankfully only found Mr. Norton and Ms. Webnacher to be under the influence of the curse.

To stop the students from eating any of the tainted meat, Speed Demon raced to a local barber shop, gathered up handfuls of hair and in a flash liberally distributed them throughout all the food in the school cafeteria, forcing it to be shut down –much to the frustration of Webnacher.

Nate filmed everything and Jack later took samples of the tainted meat to Lieutenant King so the police could look into the matter further.

With disaster averted for yet another day, the heroes now had to come up with a plan. If Rain was to feed this week on any of the students, she’d surely need to soon. With her away from Olympus Academy and in hiding they had to assume that hopefully she didn’t have another food source. Nevermore guessed that if anything was going to go down, it would be at the dance and for the heroes to be there ready they had to stake it out. That meant grabbing dates for the heroes if they really wanted to be courtside for the action.

The rest of the day was spent madly seeking dates for the dance –after all, at a Sadie Hawkins dance, the ladies have to ask a date out.

Friday began just like any other day. The National anthem, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and the morning announcements.

“Thank you. My name is Brad Beaman. Today is Friday, May 17th 2013 and here are the morning announcements:

• It’s Friday!!!!
• Dance tonight. If you haven’t bought your tickets already, you’re dumb and deserve to pay full price. Girls ask a guy. That’s the rules. Felicity, don’t bother asking me. I’m already going with Jenny.
• Counsellor Hanniman says come talk to her if you’re feeling sad.
• Today’s special is Italian Sausage on a bun with French fries and gravy. Awesome!
• Olympus Academy Furies rule!!!!

On the Twittersphere:

>>>Jenny_Hawtne55: Sorry @Felicity_Bitchity_1u1z. That wasn’t my idea. Still friends?
>>>Felicity_Bitchity_1u1z: Jenny_Hawtne55 #Bitch #cunt #slut
>>>Brad_Beaman1995: Ladies please. There enough of me to go around #threeway
>>>David_Brenner’(O_o)’: Thanks @Brad-Beaman1995. I wasn’t going to go, but now I havta see how this turns out.
>>>Jackee_Webber: Gat a date yet @David_Brenner’(O_o)’? Wanna be mine?

Date Night…

Dates secured, Nevermore posted Poe outside the school to scout the area and the teens headed to the OP in a limo provided by the Harken Estate. When they arrived it was to a packed gymnasium decorated for the occasion and in typical high school fashion people immediately separated into their cliques. Jack was in his element, using his abilities to dance like a pro and having to be constantly reminded that they were there on a mission and not to have fun.
About an hour into the dance the power suddenly went out. The heroes immediately sensed that something was about to happen. After some coarse shouts about the school budget and how this is “lame” Mr. Mifflan announced that unfortunately the dance was over and everyone needed to go home as a transformer had blown power out to the building. He asked that the students leave in an orderly fashion.

As the students shuffled outside Nevermore withdrew to the shadows and quickly donned his gear. Speed Demon escorted the ladies back to the limo and then sent it on its way –then changed into his costume. Having worn his own suit under his regular clothes, it was a simple matter for TKO to change. Nate and Deanna meanwhile stationed themselves in different areas to ensure that no student was attacked as they tried to leave the building. The heroes guessed that if the Wendigo or Rain chose to strike, then it would be by separating a student or two from the herd.

Just as the final student was about to leave, escorted by Mr. Norton, the heroes saw him transform into his bestial shape and snatch up Hanna Banana (They later found out her real last name was Banning). As the terrified girl screamed, the Wendigo Norton raced towards the back hallways of the school –mostly likely to hand her over to Rain’s waiting hunger.

The teen heroes sprang into action! Dog Girl transformed herself into a large mastiff and raced after Norton, while Speed Demon tried to tackle him, only to be slashed by the fearsome claws, just missing being completely eviscerated. Teleporting in front of the fleeing Wendigo, Nevermore attempted to intimidate him but was swept aside by the onrushing beast.

That’s when things got even more dangerous. Ms. Webnacher joined the fray and TKO and the Green Ghost had their hands full containing her until Nate was able to slip inside her in his ghost form and possess her –shoving her willpower out and taking control of her body.

As Norton raced away, Nevermore cast the Sigil of the Lit Path on him, creating a traceable wizard’s mark on him so that his familiar would be able to follow him back to Rain. If Norton was able to escape the heroes would at least be able to find him again.

The battle in the school hallways was fast and furious and took all the heroes combined efforts and in the end it was a shirt full of pepper liberated from the cafeteria by Speed Demon that helped take Norton down. The heroes coordinated their efforts and launched attacks upon the Wendigo until Norton was rendered unconscious.

Confronting the Black Tamanous

With Norton subdued and Webnacher possessed all the remained was to find and confront Ms. Rain. Nevermore once again called upon his magic to locate the evil spirit, tracing it back to the same location in the woods and a plan was quickly hatched. Since Speed Demon had actually eaten the tainted meat, Green Ghost would use Webnacher and travel to the clearing in the woods with him as a prisoner in his civilian identity.

TKO would transport the unconscious Norton to Harken Manor and Nevermore would meet him there to bind the Wendigo spirit in the sanctum until the curse could be ended. He would send Poe to the glade to scout and hopefully teleport in time later to help the team. Dog Girl would follow Webnacher at a discreet distance and lie in wait for the action to begin.
Once Webnacher entered the clearing, it wasn’t long before the Black Tamanous appeared in the form of Ms. Rain. She demanded the victim be given to her and when she went to feed, the team sprang into action. While Speed Demon sped away only to return with a confusing blitz of punches and kicks and maximum speed, the Green Ghost attacked Rain in Webnacher’s form –confusing the evil spirit and sending it reeling. As the battle commenced, Dog Girl sprang in and out, biting at the Black Tamanous’ legs and TKP arrived to use fallen trees as clubs.

The heroes spared no effort and when Nevermore arrived, he used his batons to deliver the final blows that rendered her incapacitated.

With the Black Tamanous defeated, they transported Ms. Rain to Harken Manor, bound her within the circle and starved her out. Nevermore used banishment spells to drive her from the mortal plane of existence and then cured Webnacher and Norton of their respective curses.

The day was saved.

Issue # 3: Un-Principaled Pt 3

Having alerted the police to the tainted meat at the warehouse, the heroes return home, still unsure exactly what to do. With no evidence and no one of real authority to believe them, they were not really sure how to go about their investigations –after all, just having powers didn’t suddenly make them all brilliant detectives. That sort of thing only happens in the comic books.

On Wednesday that week, Titanus and Emily decide to go out for the evening and are late getting home well after curfew. Titanus saw it as hanging out with Nate’s sister, while she saw it as a date. Consequently they were both grounded by Nate’s mom and Titanus was unable to help further with the investigation into the tainted meat.

The rest of the heroes find themselves at school and anxiously thinking about what they’ll do next. Principal Rain is nowhere to be found and the Vice Principal has had to step in.

Following the opening of the day’s announcements:
“Thank you. My name is David Weiss. Today is Wednesday, May 15th and here are your morning announcements:
• Would the members of the girl’s swim team who have already picked up their uniforms please return them to the Office. The suits have been recalled due to a design error. We apologize for the inconvenience.
• A reminder about this Friday’s Sadie Hawkins dance. Tickets at the door are $12 but you can buy them at the Student Store for $10 up until the end of school Thursday. This dance is sponsored by both the Gay-Straight Student Alliance and The Young Feminists Club.
• Ms. Webnacher would like you all to know that today’s special is Sloppy Joes. She knows you kids like them extra sloppy!

On the Twittersphere:
>>>Jenny_Hawtne55: Smooth move Irv the Perv!
>>>Brad_Beaman1995: Dam! I was looking forward to seeing the new uniforms.
>>>Emily_Temps: OMG! I was so embarrassed when my mom called the Principal.
>>>Felicity_Bitchity_1u1z: Hey Brad you wanna cum 2 my hous 2 see my new swimsuit?

Rumours circulated that day that Mr. Irvine had been put on indefinite suspension over the swimsuit issue, and to add fuel to the fire it got out that he was apparently having sexual relations with a former student, starting when she was a senior at the OP!

Half way through the day, reporters began showing up in droves, congregating outside the school and trying to get students and staff to talk about the discovery of Principal Gottlieb’s car in the waters of Salvation Bay. Learning of this, the heroes approached the press and learn that some swimmers found the car under the water at one of the numerous swimming holes just off the Bay area. One of the reporters even let slip that a skeleton was found in the trunk that is thought to be Gottlieb himself!

The Heroes uncover the following:
1. Gottlieb’s car was found at 6:15am by some local divers who were out testing some new scuba gear. The trunk was ajar when they found it.
2. The car had been burned badly as if to conceal the evidence, but a crystal fishing trophy found in the glove compartment confirmed that it was Gottlieb’s vehicle.
Deciding to investigate further, the heroes set about hitting Google, local papers and Jack Burton reached out as Speed Demon to contact a cop on the BCPD he’d met during one of their previous adventures. Lieutenant King.

From the Lieutenant, Speed Demon learned that the autopsy on Gottlieb’s skeleton revealed that the flesh had literally been carved of it as if by an experienced butcher.

The heroes then decided to head down to the water where the car was found. They found that the place was crawling with police, reporters and spectators. They spent some time around the scene learning what they could and before they headed home Oliver grabbed up a beach stone –a ritual spell already forming in his mind.

After school, the heroes went to Nate’s house where Oliver used the Raven’s Grimoire to cast Muninn’s Vision –a spell that links with objects he focuses on and allows him post-cognitive visions of what they have experienced. He saw the following in his vision:

The vision works its way backwards, flickering through images as seen through the stone’s link to the beach itself. Police pulling the burned and wet wreckage from the waters of Salvation Bay. Divers freaking out in the water. The sounds of seagulls. A man emptying garden waste into the bushes. A few teens making out. The vision then picks up speed, flickering back through dozens of images until it comes to rest on Gottlieb’s car driving up the pathway towards the secluded beach. A shadowy but familiar female form gets out and goes around to the back of the car. The figure begins to mutter in a strange, guttural language laced with arcane power. Oliver recognizes it as a blending of arcane and native languages and in moments the car erupts into unnatural flames that illuminate the face of Interim Principal Rain. The woman then placed a shapely foot on the back bumper and casually pushes the car into the waters of the Bay. She clearly displays enhanced strength as no strain is apparent on her face.

Feeling fatigued after the ritual spell is cast Oliver emerged from the garage and told his friends what he saw.

Speed Demon went to Lieutenant King’s precinct and after a few tries managed to get a cop to take him seriously enough to get him in touch with the attractive officer. They talked about the case and he shared everything the heroes knew –in so doing, he let slip enough clues that revealed that the teen heroes attend the Olympus Academy. King gave up what information she had and Speed Demon learned that the police had very few leads and that Officer Frobisher was the cop in charge of the tainted meat investigation.

Nate and Troy meanwhile busily researched everything they could on legends of the Wendigo and human cannibalism. They learned of a Native American legend where an evil spirit in human form kills and eats its victims called the Black Tamanous. This creature can only eat the flesh of those who have devoured another human. It often is found to impersonate a beautiful woman or brave hunter and infiltrate a society, tricking the people into eating human flesh and thereby becoming its private herd.

Troy called a local occult shop that is said to specialize in Native American shamanism and spoke with its owner, Windspeaker. The man seemed surprised that anyone would know of the Black Tamanous and in fact he did know something of use to the heroes. The evil spirit could be defeated if it is starved of its food source for longer than a week.

That night Oliver consulted the Raven’s Grimoire, using it to create a spell that would help the heroes locate the evil spirit. In the darkness of his sanctum, Nevermore sat amongst his binding circle –a nexus of ley line energy –he called forth the eldritch magicks at his disposal and cast the Breath of Sou’haeghan –exhaling a line of freezing misty breath that began to seek outwards. The misty line traveled into the woodland area just west of Century Park.

Speed Demon and TKO followed the line of magic to its destination with Nevermore’s raven familiar, Poe flying above them to scout the way. It wasn’t long before they came across a strange sight, Mr. Irvine jogging along one of the darkened paths in a poorly chosen track suit.

Speed Demon decided to change into his civilian id, and promptly fell into Irvine’s path in order to force a confrontation of sorts. He didn’t have to wait long as Irvine let out a blood curdling howl and charged him, metamorphing into a savage bestial figure the team took to be a Wendigo.
Wendigo char c1
It took the combined efforts of Nevermore, Speed Demon and TKO –as well as a timely appearance by Dog Girl –to defeat the Wendigo. Things looked perilous at first with the beast coming at the heroes in a state of pure aggression, showcasing enhanced strength, speed and toughness along with razor-sharp claws and vicious teeth. The heroes wore him down through a fast-paced running battle through the woods, using their numbers to distract Irvine and finally subdue him.

With the Wendigo unconscious, the heroes withdrew to Harken Manor and the safety of Nevermore’s sanctum. There they continued their research after placing spells of binding on Irvine while Nevermore worked to find a cure. They discovered a small scar running from Irvine’s hairline to his backbone and Nevermore once again cast Muninn’s Vision to see what had previously transpired.

The vision revealed Irvine being infected by Ms. Rain as she confronted him over the swimsuit and sexual relations scandal that was destroying his career. He was distraught, alone and vulnerable. The perfect prey.

Using a sample of the oily residue left behind from Ms. Rain outside the school, the mystic hero was able to safely nullify the wendigo’s curse, rendering Irvine harmless and restoring him to his former self.

Armed with this knowledge, the heroes felt more confident than ever –now they could hunt and trap the others infected with the curse and safely cure them without harming them.

Issue # 3: Un-Principaled Pt 2

“Good morning Olympus Academy. Would you please stand for the singing of our national anthem and remain standing for the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. Or you may refrain as that is your constitutional right."

“Thank you. My name is Emily Templeton. Today is Tuesday, May 14th2013 and here are your daily announcements:

  • Mr. Norton would like to remind everyone that the electrical room in the east wing is completely off limits to students and non-facilities staff. The area is secured for your safety.
  • There is still time to sign up for the junior trip to our nation’s capital in June. The trip is open to all junior students. Permission slips are available in the office and must be completed and signed by your parent or guardian and returned no later than this Friday May 17th.
  • The new girls swim team uniforms are now available at Mr. Irvine’s office. If you have not yet paid for your swimsuit, please have $18 for Mr. Irvine before this Thursday’s swim practice. You may pay by cash, cheque or e-transfer.
  • Ms. Webnacher would like you all to know that today’s special is meatloaf with mashed potatoes and garden salad.

With something definitely afoot at the school, the heroes drew the connection to the disappearance of Principal Gottlieb and a nagging suspicion lay in the back of their minds. That night, they staked out the school and sure enough soon discovered that something was going on.

Someone was prowling around the kicthens of the cafeteria and before the heroes could investigate further, Mr. Norton the head custodian showed up and scared whoever it was off. As the figure took off, they were spotted and it turned out that what they thought was a person, was a dog… but then it changed into a person.. the dashing figure resolved itself into Deanna Gould!

The night got weirder when the heroes discovered that someone else was lurking around. Emerging from the shadows and speaking in an eldrich voice a cloaked figure identified themselves as Nevermore. It was Jack who remebered that Nevermore was a hero from the 1920’s, to which this Nevermore said that the original hero was his Great-Great Grandfather.

Within short order and through some leaps of deductive reasoning and piecing together the few clues they’d come across, the heroes settled on the fact that something was wrong with the food in the cafeteria of Olympus Academy. So wrong in fact, that it was almost too horrible to contemplate. Quite simply, the meat was tainted and likely human -maybe even Principal Gottlieb himself. Nevermore confirmed that such a thing could be used it a ritual to corrupt people, much like the Wendigo legends of the Natives.

The team needed to stop this conspiracy and expose those in on it. They were fairly certain that Principal Rain, Mr. Norton and Ms. Webnacher were in on it. With this in mind, the heroes placed an anonymous call to the Food Inspection Agency to have the meat inspected and waited to see if the villains would try to get rid of the evidence. They were not let down.

The next evening, a truck pulled up to the back of the school and the meat from the kitchens was loaded in. It would have driven off had it not been for the intervention of the heroes. A confrontation ensued with the drivers, Mr. Norton, Ms. Webnacher and Principal Rain. Before it could escalate the police showed up and the heroes got in an argument with them about letting the truck leave.

TKO used all of his presence to try to sway them, but the police were intent upon following the letter of the law, and the heroes were not yet well known enough to have much credibility with them. They were forced to ket the truck go. The villains thought they had won for now.

Between them, Speed Demon and Nevermore managed to track the truck to a warehouse where the heroes could reassemble and try to stop the tainted meat from being destoryed. Things left off with the heroes calling in the police to intercept the meat at the warehouse through Speed Demon’s contact in the BCPD, Lieutenant King.

Issue # 3: Un-Principaled -Part1

Nearly three weeks passed since the Green Ghost, Speed Demon and Titanus met a new teen hero calling himself TKO, when they all converged on the Temple Pharmaceuticals building to stop Side-winder and Backlash. During that time, the four heroes met again to discuss the formation of a official superhero team.

Choosing the neutral site of Continuum Comics -a favourite hangout for the geek crowd -the young heroes met and revealed their identities. It was Jack’s suggestion as he’d read enough comics and watched all the animated series and movies to know that hiding one’s identity from their team mates always made for dangerous situations later on.

With that decided all that was needed was a name for their group and a base of operations. Nate’s basement and Continuum Comics would work for the short term, but something more permanent would be needed eventually. As a name they chose the Bayside Strikers, an homage to the very first encounter Nate and Jack had with Titanus.

Principal Gottlieb
Every year in May, Principal Gottlieb takes his vaction on the Victoria Day weekend -a holiday in Canada. He meets up with five old college buddies for a camping and fishing trip in British Columbia at Salmon River. This year was no exception and the students at Olympus Academy could tell that he was excited by the fact that he started wearing his fishing cap around the school in days before his big trip.

He never returned. The authorities later found the plane he had been in, crashed in the forested foothills south of Salmon River with all passengers dead -but Gottlieb unaccounted for.

The Replacement
With Gottlieb missing and presumed dead, the school has been in mourning. A replacement for Gottlieb -Ms. Angela Rain, whom Gottlieb had met while at a conference in Seattle earlier in the year -stepped in and took the helm of Olympus Academy.

Ms. Rain was a pretty, Native-American woman in her mid thirties and the students at the OP had since seen her as a worthy substitute -although no one could truly take Gottlieb’s place in their hearts.

The Tale Begins…
It all began on a overcast day as the heroes made their way to first period. They saw Mr. Norton, the head custodian, mopping away some oily marks leading up to the school’s entrance.

“Good morning Olympus Academy. Would you please stand for the singing of our national anthem and remain standing for the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. Or you may refrain as that is your constitutional right."

“Thank you. My name is Gary Hillman. Today is Monday, May 13th, 2013 and here are your daily announcements:

  • Grief counsellor Hanniman is available in her office from 9 until 3 today to anyone who wishes to share their thoughts and feelings regarding Principal Gottlieb’s recent disappearance. She’s willing to listen and your privacy is assured.
  • Have you got the technical chops we’re looking for? The chess club is seeking a tech savvy student with experience and proficiency in programming and electronic engineering to construct a chess playing robot to help train this year’s team for the upcoming state championship. All costs will be paid for by last months spaghetti night fundraiser in which the chess team and volunteers raised over $1400. Please see Mr. Mifflin, the chess club’s faculty sponsor if you are interested.
  • Facilities supervisor Mr. Norton would like the individual who tracked an oily substance across the parking lot and to the front entrance to please be sure to check your shoes prior to entering Olympus Academy. He would also like to remind everyone that it takes all of us to keep Olympus Academy beautiful.
  • Ms. Webnacher would like everyone to know that there has been a change to Olympus Academy’s cafeteria menu. With the new partnership with, Black Tree Food Services brings a commitment to a more nutritionally balanced vision for staff and students alike. The change allows us to move away from a carbohydrate rich menu to a more protein balanced one. As such, Monday will no longer be Mac&Cheese Day, but will now be Shepherd’s Pie day. For complete information about changes to Olympus Academy’s cafeteria menu, visit Black Tree Food Services website at: www.blacktreefoodservices.com/olympusacademy.htm
  • And finally, there will be a mandatory assembly held in the gymnasium immediately following these announcements, where we will welcome our interim principal Ms. Rain. All staff and students please proceed directly to the gymnasium following these announcements. Do not go to your locker, car or restrooms as the assembly will be brief.

Meanwhile on the Twittersphere…
>>Jenny_Hawtne55: I sure hope he just wandered off into the woods to get away from it all. Lol #GrizzlyGottlieb

>>Brad_Beaman1995: Gottlieb disappears in BC? More like #BrokebackGottlieb LMFAO!!11

>>David_Brenner’(O_o)’: 50 bucks says he ate his friends and bcame #wendigo! Lol

>>Felicity_Bitchicity_1u1z: LOL @Brad_Beaman1995! U r soooo funny and a total qt3.14!

The heroes went about their day but each of them was preoccupied with the disappearance of Gottlieb. Here was a mystery worth investigating!

At first they discussed their plans, Speed Demon offering to head up to B.C. and take a look around, a plan that was eventually given up when the boys realised that British Columbia and the Salmon River area are huge and it would be worse than finding a needle in the haystack.

As the heroes dug deeper however, things at the OP started becoming …strange. Like the weird oily patches of liquid that seemed to appear outside the school over the next few days, or in the cafeteria on Tuesday when Deana Gould made herself throw up after eating the meatloaf. The girl just took a bite and then wham! stuc two fingers down her throat and choked it back up! An action that brought immediate response from twitter as the gossips went mad, and got Deana sent right away to Principal Rain’s office.

>>Jenny_Hawtne55: Deana Gould #freak #loser #ugly

>>Brad_Beaman1995: Watev @Jenny_Hawtne55 I’d nail her. Chick is freaky but totally doable.

>>David_Brenner’(O_o)’: @Brad_Beaman1995 would nail anything. When he comes to my house the fish stop swimming! lol

>>Brad_Beaman1995: @David_Brenner’(O_o)’ #deadmeat

>>Felicity_Bitchicity_1u1z: LOL @Brad_Beaman1995! U r soooo funny and a total qt3.14!

Issue #2: Joanie Loves Chachie

The session started with the reading of Action News 4’s report on the takedown of Hammer and Anvil at the Falton Power Centre. Since that time, nearly a week had passed and the Olympus Furies won a crushing victory against the East Side Renegades with two of their newest stars, linebacker Bjorn Bergenson and Jack Burton –who plays both defensive end and running back!

In Tuesday’s Science Class with Professor Donaldson the lesson was on the evolution of anti-predator adaptation in the animal kingdom. Most of the class was paying attention as the subject dealt with some of the more interesting and weird adaptations.

Jack, of course, was not amongst these interested parties. He was far more interested in what the Marks twins were wearing, being reigned in occasionally by Nate who was trying to pay attention.

Part-way through the class a new student was admitted, Troy Johnson who had just transferred into the OP from San Fancisco. A nerdy and quiet kid, he took a seat at the back of the class next to Jenny Greenridge –a pretty blond senior who works part-time at Baxtor Animal Hospital and was quite into the class –she talked about some of her favourite animal defense mechanisms as the Marks twins roll their eyes and Jack tried to keep himself from yawning.

During the class there was a knock at the window and a tall, college age African-American youth waved until he got Jenny’s attention. He was wearing loose-fitting jeans, a baggy white shirt underneath a leather biker jacket and cool shades.

Mr. Pollinson was quite distracted and the class started laughing as Jenny turned several shades of red in the face. He finally said “Well Ms. Greenridge? Are you going to go see what the gentleman wants?”

Jenny left and a short time later the class saw her and the young man talking. They appeared to be arguing until Jenny held out her hand and they embraced to the “woooos” of the class.

After last period, Troy is set on by the Olympus Academy’s resident bullies, Tommy Ortwine and Brad Beaman. Not unused to the antics of bullies, Troy takes it in stride and their fun is short lived before Nate, Jack and Bjorn show up. The new found courage of Nate and Jack was unsettling enough to the bullies, but along with their giant “exchange” student friend, Bjorn, it’s just too much and they move on after some hollow threats.
That night, after everyone’s gone home, the News reports on an apparent break in at Temple Pharmaceuticals where police had just arrived on the scene. There was a report of explosions of some sort and television images showed the place partially aflame. Deciding that this was worthy of superheroes checking it out, Nate, Jack and Bjorn assembled their costumes and soon the Green Ghost, Speed Demon and Titanus arrived on the scene.

The teen heroes stealthily entered the building and took a look at what was really going down. They discovered the villain duo –Backlash and Sidewinder -had broken into the place in an attempt to kill one of the executives –Doctor Drake Howard.

As they listened, the found that the villains had been paid to do so, by the mysterious “Board” as Howard was going to go public with information regarding illegal drug testing on homeless people.

Just before the heroes decided to make their move however, a text came through Sidewinder’s phone but before he could read it, Backlash grabbed it.

Backlash: “Who the hell is Hybrid and why do they want you to meet them?”
Side-Winder: “Baby it’s nothing. Just a contact.”
Backlash: “Really? Why didn’t you tell me?”
Side-Winder: “It’s nothing, just someone I met.”
Backlash: “For a job? We always take the jobs together? Where did you meet them? When did you meet them?”
Side-Winder: “Baby, just let it go…”
Backlash: “Let it go? Let it GO?”

At this point, Backlash began typing furiously on the touchpad.

Side-Winder: “What are you typing?”
Backlash: “Asking them where to meet…”
Side-Winder: “Give me the phone babe…”

The entire time Howard was cowering in his office behind a flimsy glass door. The heroes were somewhat taken back by the apparent jealous lovers spat going on before them.

Backlash: “Meet me at Regal Point?”

There was a pause. Regal Point being a local make out spot for hot-to-trot teens was clearly an indicator that things were sliding downhill fast for at least one of the villains.

Side-Winder: “Babe…”
Backlash: “What the hell? Who is this contact?”
Side-Winder: “Babe…”
Backlash: “Don’t you babe me! Who are they?”
Side-Winder: “She’s no one babe…”
Backlash: “She? SHE?”

It didn’t take a genius to see where it was all leading. Within moments the two villains had turned on one another and mayhem ensued. Backlash used her super-strength to punch holes in the walls and even bend and warp a supporting beam for the entire facility while Side-winder tried to fend her off with twisting bolts of energy that only served to power her up more.

The teens quickly intervened and worked to subdue both villains -at the same time also trying to keep Backlash from killing her partner. In this they were aided by the timely arrival of a new hero, this one with Telekinetic powers!

In short order the heroes had stopped the fire, captured Backlash and Side-winder and saved the thankful executive. Introductions followed and the teen heroes made the aquaintence of TKO.

Action News 4 Report 1

THIS, is Action News 4, coming to you live with Ron Burgundy!

The camera pulls away to reveal the set of one of Bayside City’s most popular news shows. It focusing tightly into the anchorman, Ron Burgundy as he quickly rifles through and straightens a small stack of papers before looking at the camera with his trade-marked quirked eyebrow.

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is Ron Burgundy coming to you live from here within the Action 4 studio.

“It seems like only yesterday but was really just three weeks ago that Bayside City was host to what appeared like a falling asteroid that plunged into Salvation Bay. A subsequent battle between huge robotic insectoid aliens and three new heroes (images of the footage showing the battle at Century Park flash across the screen).

“Scant days later, two of these same teen heroes identifying themselves as Speed Demon and Titanus thwarted an attempt by the notorious villain duo, Hammer & Anvil from kidnapping or even killing a well-known as suspected underworld figure, Johnny Looks-twice Spadafora at McGowan’s pub at the Falton Power Centre in Uptown.

“After a brief but destructive fight, the score for the new heroes? Teens, one Anvil, villains zero! Anvil was taken safely away in police custdoy and his partner-in-crime, Hammer was forced to flee lest he too be overtaken by the hyper-active heroes!

“Since that time, the streets of Bayside City have remained relatively silent and free of super-crime, leaving many to wonder… where did everybody go?” Anvil1

Issue #1 Continued...

The Battle at Falton Power Centre
After football try outs, Jack and Bjorn headed home and on the way were passed by several police cars and emergency vehicles. Pulling out his android and looking at local media coverage they saw that something was up at the Fallon Power Centre.

Police had cordoned off the area and news crews were already on the scene as reports of a hostage taking at McGowan’s Pub was underway. Reports indicated that the villain duo of Hammer and Anvil had taken over the popular bar and were threatening the lives of its patrons.

Doning hastily created masks and poorly put together costumes, Jack Burton (A.K.A. Speed Demon) and Bjorn Berglund (A.K.A. Titanus) made their way to the crimescene!

Upon arriving at the power centre Speed Demon and Titanus found out that Hammer and Anvil had entered the pub an hour prior and as soon as they had, the bartender triggered a silent alarm. Apparently the pub is a local favourite of the Benedetti crime family and Johnny Looks-Twice Spadafora -a leiutenant of the family -was inside.

No one had yet attempted to go in or out and police were busy setting up a perimeter and getting SWAT ready.

Making their presence known Speed Demon and Titanus decided that a straight forward approach would be best, entering the pub and confronting the villanous duo directly as they were busy threatening the life of Johnny Looks-twice -as expected their intervention was not welcomed and a fight quickly ensued.

The fight burst through the walls of the pub as the two heroes worked to bring Hammer and Anvil down. Soon the destruction travelled into the garage of the neighbouring K-Tire superstore giving the patrons of McGowan’s time to evacuate.

Quite simply, the fight was a knock-down knuckle-duster and ended with Anvil being subdued in the cordoned off parking lot and his partner using his whirling hammer to flee the scene.

After a quick interview with local authorities and the media, Titanus and Speed Demon withdrew.

Issue #1: New Kid on the Block

Following the events of Down by the Bay, Jack Burton was called by Nate’s mom who let him know that Nate was not feeling well and wouldn’t be coming to school. She asked Jack to help her out and take their recently arrived Icelandic exchange student, Bjorn, to school and make sure he was registered properly.

When he arrived he found Bjorn already outfitted for school. A pair of decent jeans and a flannel shirt provided by Nate’s father –as Bjorn was just too big to fit into Nate’s clothes. A backpack and some school supplies as well had been provided for. Nate’s mom shook her head and talked about how awful it was of the airline to have lost Bjorn’s luggage.

Mrs. Templeton called the school ahead and made sure they knew that Bjorn was coming and that he was awaiting his ID’s. The Olympus Academy agreed to do her a favour as Bjorn is supposedly here through the Rotary Club on a cultural exchange.


  • Everything Bjorn knows so far about Earth is from what little he could find on the ship’s database. Class M Planet in the Sol System. Pre-Lightspeed space capabilities. Limited technology and very divided politically and culturally. The race wars amongst itself for power and resources constantly. The Traxxian Collective lists the world as a back water, hostile to aliens but with powered individuals that are somewhat accepted.
  • For the past 2 days he’s had access to the media –including a brief history of the city, general United States geography, teen culture and music, etc.
  • Most customs and normal things will be foreign to him

Upon arriving at the OP, Jack helps Bjorn get registered with Mrs. Cole -the school’s head secretary. She was not too happy about Bjorn’s lack of documentation, but as Principal Gotleib was okay with it, she had no choice.

Class was as follows:
1st Period –Homeroom English with Mr. Johnston
2nd Period –Science with Professor Donaldson
15min Break
3rd Period –Mathematics with Mrs. Ramos
4th Period –History with Mr. Hemsworth
30min Lunch
5th Period –Shop Class with Mr. Kershaw
6th Period –Physical Education with Mr. Irvine

The first day was rather uneventful aside from a run-in with Jack’s personal bullies Tommy Ortwine and Brad Beaman -until they met Bjorn that is -and all the dreamy-eyed looks the girls kept throwing their way at the “New Kid”. Bjorn for the most part fit in -despite several strange references to popular culture that left people scratching their heads and puzzled over what this exchange student knew of American life.

It was following gym that Jack got the BRILLIANT idea that bith of them shoukd try out for the football team. After is miserable failure to join the Olympus Furies in first-year and the utter humiliation of being hung by his jock strap from the goal posts by Tommy and Brad, Jack finally felt the confidence to try again. Besides, with his new super-speed powers, he could easily impress everyone and Bjorn was clearly made for a sport like football!

After some close calls with using their powers too openly, the two boys made the starting line and suddenly Jack found himself for the very first time in his life among the “In” crowd. It was glorious!



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