Olympus Academy 90210

Issue #0: Down by the Bay

On Monday, May 6, 2013, the students of Professor Donaldson’s science class at the Olympus Preparatory Academy were on a field trip at one of the Orion Labs Facilities in Bayside City’s Century Park. While exploring the various labs where research on radiation and the human genome were being conducted the building suddenly began to shake and power rattle.

A sonic boom shattered windows and sent the people in the institute running as part of the roof collapsed on the north side looking towards the Salvation Bay. Finding themselves trapped in an elevator –uncomfortably close to some students –but not so uncomfortably close to the Marks twins, Lyndesay and Tammy –Nate and Jack made their way out of the building to witness a thick trail of smoke and what appeared to be something huge that had plunged into the Bay, right at the foot of Hawker’s Island. Even crazier, the waters glowed an eerie yellow-orange and something popped up from under the water!

The boys jumped into Nate’s 1996 Hyundai Accent, ditching their class and heading towards the water’s edge and down towards the beach where they saw the floating object and when they came upon a long furrow in the ground. Being excited and curious as teens often are they went to explore what was likely a meteorite crash. What they found instead was a large cylinder that was glowing with heat and as they looked onward a insectoid-like figure drew itself out of the chamber.

Meanwhile the floating capsule opened to reveal a human-looking figure who leapt to shore. A muscled Nordic-looking youth who immediately began fighting with another insectoid creature. The creature that emerged from before Nate and Jack held two orange globes which it dashed on the ground, releasing orange leech-like worms that attacked the two boys and the new arrival.

Running to Nate’s car, the two youths decided to charge the rampaging insect-beast rather than flee. In a desperate game of chicken they totalled the car, sending the creature reeling. Nate found himself unharmed outside the crash site, as if he’d simply passed through the car as it moved forward. Jack on the other hand was launched bodily out of the windshield and sent running across the grass towards the water. In scant seconds he found his body running so quickly he was literally running across the surface of the Bay before he began sinking.

As the boys tangled with the creature that had attacked him, the Nordic figure sent blow after blow into his opponent, stamping on his carapace until it crunched under heel and throwing it to skip across the water. He then turned his attention towards the other insect.

Nate was forced to run away as the creature charged him, having no defense he leapt the guard rail at the edge of the parking lot and with the crowd separating in panic about him, bolted down the crowded city street. The enraged beast crashed after him, sending people fleeing and traffic crashing together as the chaos overtook the streets.

Cornered outside a business tower, Nate dove at the creature’s knees, hoping to scramble between its outstretched legs only to find himself inside utter darkness. This just as the Nordic youth crashed into the creature from behind. Police sirens wailed as cruisers pulled up and officers scrambled out of their vehicles, weapons drawn and yelling “Freeze!”

Seeing the world through multi-facetted eyes, Nate began to understand that he was somehow inside the creature and while he couldn’t communicate, he could understand what was going on around him. Placing his arms above his head he knelt down in surrender, much to the confusion of the alien youth.

On the beach, Jack had come ashore only to be confronted by the second creature and involved in a desperate melee. His altered speed ensured he was hard to connect with and his flurry of speed rained blows down upon the creature until it remained still.

As the creatures were carted away, Nate found his way out of the insect –something called a Voloss according to the Nordic youth –and the three made their way out of the area and towards Nate’s home.

Calling their new found friend “Bjorn”, a Norwegian exchange student, Nate and Jack decided that not only would they help the strange youth but that the three would use their powers as teen superheroes!

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