Speed Demon

Lean and wiry and of average height, Speed Demon likes nothing better than to run circles around his enemies while taunting them.


Power Level: 8
Secret ID: Jack Burton


Initiative: +23
Throw +4, DC 16
Unarmed +7, DC 16
Flurry of Blows +8, DC 23

Dodge: 7 Parry: 7 Fort: 4 Tough: 8 (Impervious 6) Will: 3

Flurry of Blows 7 (Affects Insubstantial, Penetrating, Multi-attack)
Speed Bubble Force Field 6 -Imprevious
Speed Leaping 4
Super Speed (Quickness 2, Improved Initiative 4, Speed 8)
Regeneration 1

Evasion 2, Fast Grab, Instant Up, Interpose

Acrobatics 9, Athletics 4, Close Combat -Flurry of Blows (STR Based) 8, Deception 1, Expertise -Geek Culture 8, Expertise: Local Area 6, Expertise: Music 8, Expertise: Science 8, Insight 2, Intimidation 1, Investigation 7, Perception 3, Persuasion 1, Slieght of Hand 7,Stealth 7, Technology 9


It’s not always easy being the small kid. Not really small mind you, more like average but small in presence. The kind of guy who never gets the girl or gets picked on by the likes of Brad Beaman or Tommy Ortwine. Okay, maybe that’s partially because Jack’s mouth runs away with him sometimes, but still, is it really his fault that he’s always got a witty comeback?

Jack was just an ordinary joe average kind of kid attending Olympus Academy the day his life changed course forever. On a field trip to Orion Labs as part of Professor Donaldson’s Science Class, Jack witnessed an unidentified object rip its way through the clouds and plunge into Salvation Bay.

Together with his friend Nate, he ditched the class and went to the water’s edge to see what happened. That’s where he saw the crash site and the furrow in the earth a piece of the object had left. Not onlhy that, but when he and Nate took a closer look, they saw that it was actually a strange metallic cylinder that opened!

What emerged was decidedly not human. In fact, it was a creepy, six-armed insectoid mean-looking thing that immediately proved hostile by attacking the two boys. The thing shot out weird orange-glowing leech-like things from its cannon, one of which attached themselves to Jack.

The leech made him sick to his stomach, like he’d eaten way too much extra-buttered popcorn followed by several cokes.

He and Nate ran back to their car and in a stunning move of stupid bravery decided that the smartest course of action would be to play a game of chicken with the alien. When the 1996 Hyundai accent hit the insectoid, it was pretty much totalled and Jack fund himself catapulted from the front of the car. As he desperately tried to roll with the blow that was surely to come, he found himself running faster and faster until suddenly he was running across the water of Centery Narrows towards Great Bay!

Using his newfound super-speed to help Nate and a Thor-looking youth who’d emerged from the water to defeat the aliens, he knew then and there that he was destined to be a superhero!

Since that day, Jack has not only become the teen hero known as Speed Demonn of the Bayside Strikers, but also suddently found himself a star player on the Olympus Furies football team and finally part of the “IN” Crowd.

Speed Demon

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