Olympus Academy 90210

Issue # 3: Un-Principaled Pt 2

“Good morning Olympus Academy. Would you please stand for the singing of our national anthem and remain standing for the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. Or you may refrain as that is your constitutional right."

“Thank you. My name is Emily Templeton. Today is Tuesday, May 14th2013 and here are your daily announcements:

  • Mr. Norton would like to remind everyone that the electrical room in the east wing is completely off limits to students and non-facilities staff. The area is secured for your safety.
  • There is still time to sign up for the junior trip to our nation’s capital in June. The trip is open to all junior students. Permission slips are available in the office and must be completed and signed by your parent or guardian and returned no later than this Friday May 17th.
  • The new girls swim team uniforms are now available at Mr. Irvine’s office. If you have not yet paid for your swimsuit, please have $18 for Mr. Irvine before this Thursday’s swim practice. You may pay by cash, cheque or e-transfer.
  • Ms. Webnacher would like you all to know that today’s special is meatloaf with mashed potatoes and garden salad.

With something definitely afoot at the school, the heroes drew the connection to the disappearance of Principal Gottlieb and a nagging suspicion lay in the back of their minds. That night, they staked out the school and sure enough soon discovered that something was going on.

Someone was prowling around the kicthens of the cafeteria and before the heroes could investigate further, Mr. Norton the head custodian showed up and scared whoever it was off. As the figure took off, they were spotted and it turned out that what they thought was a person, was a dog… but then it changed into a person.. the dashing figure resolved itself into Deanna Gould!

The night got weirder when the heroes discovered that someone else was lurking around. Emerging from the shadows and speaking in an eldrich voice a cloaked figure identified themselves as Nevermore. It was Jack who remebered that Nevermore was a hero from the 1920’s, to which this Nevermore said that the original hero was his Great-Great Grandfather.

Within short order and through some leaps of deductive reasoning and piecing together the few clues they’d come across, the heroes settled on the fact that something was wrong with the food in the cafeteria of Olympus Academy. So wrong in fact, that it was almost too horrible to contemplate. Quite simply, the meat was tainted and likely human -maybe even Principal Gottlieb himself. Nevermore confirmed that such a thing could be used it a ritual to corrupt people, much like the Wendigo legends of the Natives.

The team needed to stop this conspiracy and expose those in on it. They were fairly certain that Principal Rain, Mr. Norton and Ms. Webnacher were in on it. With this in mind, the heroes placed an anonymous call to the Food Inspection Agency to have the meat inspected and waited to see if the villains would try to get rid of the evidence. They were not let down.

The next evening, a truck pulled up to the back of the school and the meat from the kitchens was loaded in. It would have driven off had it not been for the intervention of the heroes. A confrontation ensued with the drivers, Mr. Norton, Ms. Webnacher and Principal Rain. Before it could escalate the police showed up and the heroes got in an argument with them about letting the truck leave.

TKO used all of his presence to try to sway them, but the police were intent upon following the letter of the law, and the heroes were not yet well known enough to have much credibility with them. They were forced to ket the truck go. The villains thought they had won for now.

Between them, Speed Demon and Nevermore managed to track the truck to a warehouse where the heroes could reassemble and try to stop the tainted meat from being destoryed. Things left off with the heroes calling in the police to intercept the meat at the warehouse through Speed Demon’s contact in the BCPD, Lieutenant King.



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