Olympus Academy 90210

Issue # 3: Un-Principaled -Part1

Nearly three weeks passed since the Green Ghost, Speed Demon and Titanus met a new teen hero calling himself TKO, when they all converged on the Temple Pharmaceuticals building to stop Side-winder and Backlash. During that time, the four heroes met again to discuss the formation of a official superhero team.

Choosing the neutral site of Continuum Comics -a favourite hangout for the geek crowd -the young heroes met and revealed their identities. It was Jack’s suggestion as he’d read enough comics and watched all the animated series and movies to know that hiding one’s identity from their team mates always made for dangerous situations later on.

With that decided all that was needed was a name for their group and a base of operations. Nate’s basement and Continuum Comics would work for the short term, but something more permanent would be needed eventually. As a name they chose the Bayside Strikers, an homage to the very first encounter Nate and Jack had with Titanus.

Principal Gottlieb
Every year in May, Principal Gottlieb takes his vaction on the Victoria Day weekend -a holiday in Canada. He meets up with five old college buddies for a camping and fishing trip in British Columbia at Salmon River. This year was no exception and the students at Olympus Academy could tell that he was excited by the fact that he started wearing his fishing cap around the school in days before his big trip.

He never returned. The authorities later found the plane he had been in, crashed in the forested foothills south of Salmon River with all passengers dead -but Gottlieb unaccounted for.

The Replacement
With Gottlieb missing and presumed dead, the school has been in mourning. A replacement for Gottlieb -Ms. Angela Rain, whom Gottlieb had met while at a conference in Seattle earlier in the year -stepped in and took the helm of Olympus Academy.

Ms. Rain was a pretty, Native-American woman in her mid thirties and the students at the OP had since seen her as a worthy substitute -although no one could truly take Gottlieb’s place in their hearts.

The Tale Begins…
It all began on a overcast day as the heroes made their way to first period. They saw Mr. Norton, the head custodian, mopping away some oily marks leading up to the school’s entrance.

“Good morning Olympus Academy. Would you please stand for the singing of our national anthem and remain standing for the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. Or you may refrain as that is your constitutional right."

“Thank you. My name is Gary Hillman. Today is Monday, May 13th, 2013 and here are your daily announcements:

  • Grief counsellor Hanniman is available in her office from 9 until 3 today to anyone who wishes to share their thoughts and feelings regarding Principal Gottlieb’s recent disappearance. She’s willing to listen and your privacy is assured.
  • Have you got the technical chops we’re looking for? The chess club is seeking a tech savvy student with experience and proficiency in programming and electronic engineering to construct a chess playing robot to help train this year’s team for the upcoming state championship. All costs will be paid for by last months spaghetti night fundraiser in which the chess team and volunteers raised over $1400. Please see Mr. Mifflin, the chess club’s faculty sponsor if you are interested.
  • Facilities supervisor Mr. Norton would like the individual who tracked an oily substance across the parking lot and to the front entrance to please be sure to check your shoes prior to entering Olympus Academy. He would also like to remind everyone that it takes all of us to keep Olympus Academy beautiful.
  • Ms. Webnacher would like everyone to know that there has been a change to Olympus Academy’s cafeteria menu. With the new partnership with, Black Tree Food Services brings a commitment to a more nutritionally balanced vision for staff and students alike. The change allows us to move away from a carbohydrate rich menu to a more protein balanced one. As such, Monday will no longer be Mac&Cheese Day, but will now be Shepherd’s Pie day. For complete information about changes to Olympus Academy’s cafeteria menu, visit Black Tree Food Services website at: www.blacktreefoodservices.com/olympusacademy.htm
  • And finally, there will be a mandatory assembly held in the gymnasium immediately following these announcements, where we will welcome our interim principal Ms. Rain. All staff and students please proceed directly to the gymnasium following these announcements. Do not go to your locker, car or restrooms as the assembly will be brief.

Meanwhile on the Twittersphere…
>>Jenny_Hawtne55: I sure hope he just wandered off into the woods to get away from it all. Lol #GrizzlyGottlieb

>>Brad_Beaman1995: Gottlieb disappears in BC? More like #BrokebackGottlieb LMFAO!!11

>>David_Brenner’(O_o)’: 50 bucks says he ate his friends and bcame #wendigo! Lol

>>Felicity_Bitchicity_1u1z: LOL @Brad_Beaman1995! U r soooo funny and a total qt3.14!

The heroes went about their day but each of them was preoccupied with the disappearance of Gottlieb. Here was a mystery worth investigating!

At first they discussed their plans, Speed Demon offering to head up to B.C. and take a look around, a plan that was eventually given up when the boys realised that British Columbia and the Salmon River area are huge and it would be worse than finding a needle in the haystack.

As the heroes dug deeper however, things at the OP started becoming …strange. Like the weird oily patches of liquid that seemed to appear outside the school over the next few days, or in the cafeteria on Tuesday when Deana Gould made herself throw up after eating the meatloaf. The girl just took a bite and then wham! stuc two fingers down her throat and choked it back up! An action that brought immediate response from twitter as the gossips went mad, and got Deana sent right away to Principal Rain’s office.

>>Jenny_Hawtne55: Deana Gould #freak #loser #ugly

>>Brad_Beaman1995: Watev @Jenny_Hawtne55 I’d nail her. Chick is freaky but totally doable.

>>David_Brenner’(O_o)’: @Brad_Beaman1995 would nail anything. When he comes to my house the fish stop swimming! lol

>>Brad_Beaman1995: @David_Brenner’(O_o)’ #deadmeat

>>Felicity_Bitchicity_1u1z: LOL @Brad_Beaman1995! U r soooo funny and a total qt3.14!



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