Olympus Academy 90210

Issue #2: Joanie Loves Chachie

The session started with the reading of Action News 4’s report on the takedown of Hammer and Anvil at the Falton Power Centre. Since that time, nearly a week had passed and the Olympus Furies won a crushing victory against the East Side Renegades with two of their newest stars, linebacker Bjorn Bergenson and Jack Burton –who plays both defensive end and running back!

In Tuesday’s Science Class with Professor Donaldson the lesson was on the evolution of anti-predator adaptation in the animal kingdom. Most of the class was paying attention as the subject dealt with some of the more interesting and weird adaptations.

Jack, of course, was not amongst these interested parties. He was far more interested in what the Marks twins were wearing, being reigned in occasionally by Nate who was trying to pay attention.

Part-way through the class a new student was admitted, Troy Johnson who had just transferred into the OP from San Fancisco. A nerdy and quiet kid, he took a seat at the back of the class next to Jenny Greenridge –a pretty blond senior who works part-time at Baxtor Animal Hospital and was quite into the class –she talked about some of her favourite animal defense mechanisms as the Marks twins roll their eyes and Jack tried to keep himself from yawning.

During the class there was a knock at the window and a tall, college age African-American youth waved until he got Jenny’s attention. He was wearing loose-fitting jeans, a baggy white shirt underneath a leather biker jacket and cool shades.

Mr. Pollinson was quite distracted and the class started laughing as Jenny turned several shades of red in the face. He finally said “Well Ms. Greenridge? Are you going to go see what the gentleman wants?”

Jenny left and a short time later the class saw her and the young man talking. They appeared to be arguing until Jenny held out her hand and they embraced to the “woooos” of the class.

After last period, Troy is set on by the Olympus Academy’s resident bullies, Tommy Ortwine and Brad Beaman. Not unused to the antics of bullies, Troy takes it in stride and their fun is short lived before Nate, Jack and Bjorn show up. The new found courage of Nate and Jack was unsettling enough to the bullies, but along with their giant “exchange” student friend, Bjorn, it’s just too much and they move on after some hollow threats.
That night, after everyone’s gone home, the News reports on an apparent break in at Temple Pharmaceuticals where police had just arrived on the scene. There was a report of explosions of some sort and television images showed the place partially aflame. Deciding that this was worthy of superheroes checking it out, Nate, Jack and Bjorn assembled their costumes and soon the Green Ghost, Speed Demon and Titanus arrived on the scene.

The teen heroes stealthily entered the building and took a look at what was really going down. They discovered the villain duo –Backlash and Sidewinder -had broken into the place in an attempt to kill one of the executives –Doctor Drake Howard.

As they listened, the found that the villains had been paid to do so, by the mysterious “Board” as Howard was going to go public with information regarding illegal drug testing on homeless people.

Just before the heroes decided to make their move however, a text came through Sidewinder’s phone but before he could read it, Backlash grabbed it.

Backlash: “Who the hell is Hybrid and why do they want you to meet them?”
Side-Winder: “Baby it’s nothing. Just a contact.”
Backlash: “Really? Why didn’t you tell me?”
Side-Winder: “It’s nothing, just someone I met.”
Backlash: “For a job? We always take the jobs together? Where did you meet them? When did you meet them?”
Side-Winder: “Baby, just let it go…”
Backlash: “Let it go? Let it GO?”

At this point, Backlash began typing furiously on the touchpad.

Side-Winder: “What are you typing?”
Backlash: “Asking them where to meet…”
Side-Winder: “Give me the phone babe…”

The entire time Howard was cowering in his office behind a flimsy glass door. The heroes were somewhat taken back by the apparent jealous lovers spat going on before them.

Backlash: “Meet me at Regal Point?”

There was a pause. Regal Point being a local make out spot for hot-to-trot teens was clearly an indicator that things were sliding downhill fast for at least one of the villains.

Side-Winder: “Babe…”
Backlash: “What the hell? Who is this contact?”
Side-Winder: “Babe…”
Backlash: “Don’t you babe me! Who are they?”
Side-Winder: “She’s no one babe…”
Backlash: “She? SHE?”

It didn’t take a genius to see where it was all leading. Within moments the two villains had turned on one another and mayhem ensued. Backlash used her super-strength to punch holes in the walls and even bend and warp a supporting beam for the entire facility while Side-winder tried to fend her off with twisting bolts of energy that only served to power her up more.

The teens quickly intervened and worked to subdue both villains -at the same time also trying to keep Backlash from killing her partner. In this they were aided by the timely arrival of a new hero, this one with Telekinetic powers!

In short order the heroes had stopped the fire, captured Backlash and Side-winder and saved the thankful executive. Introductions followed and the teen heroes made the aquaintence of TKO.



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