Olympus Academy 90210

Issue #1: New Kid on the Block

Following the events of Down by the Bay, Jack Burton was called by Nate’s mom who let him know that Nate was not feeling well and wouldn’t be coming to school. She asked Jack to help her out and take their recently arrived Icelandic exchange student, Bjorn, to school and make sure he was registered properly.

When he arrived he found Bjorn already outfitted for school. A pair of decent jeans and a flannel shirt provided by Nate’s father –as Bjorn was just too big to fit into Nate’s clothes. A backpack and some school supplies as well had been provided for. Nate’s mom shook her head and talked about how awful it was of the airline to have lost Bjorn’s luggage.

Mrs. Templeton called the school ahead and made sure they knew that Bjorn was coming and that he was awaiting his ID’s. The Olympus Academy agreed to do her a favour as Bjorn is supposedly here through the Rotary Club on a cultural exchange.


  • Everything Bjorn knows so far about Earth is from what little he could find on the ship’s database. Class M Planet in the Sol System. Pre-Lightspeed space capabilities. Limited technology and very divided politically and culturally. The race wars amongst itself for power and resources constantly. The Traxxian Collective lists the world as a back water, hostile to aliens but with powered individuals that are somewhat accepted.
  • For the past 2 days he’s had access to the media –including a brief history of the city, general United States geography, teen culture and music, etc.
  • Most customs and normal things will be foreign to him

Upon arriving at the OP, Jack helps Bjorn get registered with Mrs. Cole -the school’s head secretary. She was not too happy about Bjorn’s lack of documentation, but as Principal Gotleib was okay with it, she had no choice.

Class was as follows:
1st Period –Homeroom English with Mr. Johnston
2nd Period –Science with Professor Donaldson
15min Break
3rd Period –Mathematics with Mrs. Ramos
4th Period –History with Mr. Hemsworth
30min Lunch
5th Period –Shop Class with Mr. Kershaw
6th Period –Physical Education with Mr. Irvine

The first day was rather uneventful aside from a run-in with Jack’s personal bullies Tommy Ortwine and Brad Beaman -until they met Bjorn that is -and all the dreamy-eyed looks the girls kept throwing their way at the “New Kid”. Bjorn for the most part fit in -despite several strange references to popular culture that left people scratching their heads and puzzled over what this exchange student knew of American life.

It was following gym that Jack got the BRILLIANT idea that bith of them shoukd try out for the football team. After is miserable failure to join the Olympus Furies in first-year and the utter humiliation of being hung by his jock strap from the goal posts by Tommy and Brad, Jack finally felt the confidence to try again. Besides, with his new super-speed powers, he could easily impress everyone and Bjorn was clearly made for a sport like football!

After some close calls with using their powers too openly, the two boys made the starting line and suddenly Jack found himself for the very first time in his life among the “In” crowd. It was glorious!




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