Olympus Academy 90210

Issue #1 Continued...

The Battle at Falton Power Centre
After football try outs, Jack and Bjorn headed home and on the way were passed by several police cars and emergency vehicles. Pulling out his android and looking at local media coverage they saw that something was up at the Fallon Power Centre.

Police had cordoned off the area and news crews were already on the scene as reports of a hostage taking at McGowan’s Pub was underway. Reports indicated that the villain duo of Hammer and Anvil had taken over the popular bar and were threatening the lives of its patrons.

Doning hastily created masks and poorly put together costumes, Jack Burton (A.K.A. Speed Demon) and Bjorn Berglund (A.K.A. Titanus) made their way to the crimescene!

Upon arriving at the power centre Speed Demon and Titanus found out that Hammer and Anvil had entered the pub an hour prior and as soon as they had, the bartender triggered a silent alarm. Apparently the pub is a local favourite of the Benedetti crime family and Johnny Looks-Twice Spadafora -a leiutenant of the family -was inside.

No one had yet attempted to go in or out and police were busy setting up a perimeter and getting SWAT ready.

Making their presence known Speed Demon and Titanus decided that a straight forward approach would be best, entering the pub and confronting the villanous duo directly as they were busy threatening the life of Johnny Looks-twice -as expected their intervention was not welcomed and a fight quickly ensued.

The fight burst through the walls of the pub as the two heroes worked to bring Hammer and Anvil down. Soon the destruction travelled into the garage of the neighbouring K-Tire superstore giving the patrons of McGowan’s time to evacuate.

Quite simply, the fight was a knock-down knuckle-duster and ended with Anvil being subdued in the cordoned off parking lot and his partner using his whirling hammer to flee the scene.

After a quick interview with local authorities and the media, Titanus and Speed Demon withdrew.



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