Olympus Academy 90210

Action News 4 Report 1

THIS, is Action News 4, coming to you live with Ron Burgundy!

The camera pulls away to reveal the set of one of Bayside City’s most popular news shows. It focusing tightly into the anchorman, Ron Burgundy as he quickly rifles through and straightens a small stack of papers before looking at the camera with his trade-marked quirked eyebrow.

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is Ron Burgundy coming to you live from here within the Action 4 studio.

“It seems like only yesterday but was really just three weeks ago that Bayside City was host to what appeared like a falling asteroid that plunged into Salvation Bay. A subsequent battle between huge robotic insectoid aliens and three new heroes (images of the footage showing the battle at Century Park flash across the screen).

“Scant days later, two of these same teen heroes identifying themselves as Speed Demon and Titanus thwarted an attempt by the notorious villain duo, Hammer & Anvil from kidnapping or even killing a well-known as suspected underworld figure, Johnny Looks-twice Spadafora at McGowan’s pub at the Falton Power Centre in Uptown.

“After a brief but destructive fight, the score for the new heroes? Teens, one Anvil, villains zero! Anvil was taken safely away in police custdoy and his partner-in-crime, Hammer was forced to flee lest he too be overtaken by the hyper-active heroes!

“Since that time, the streets of Bayside City have remained relatively silent and free of super-crime, leaving many to wonder… where did everybody go?” Anvil1



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